MotoGP: Aleix Espargaro's error makes Quartararo and Zarco happy

MotoGP: Aleix Espargaro’s error makes Quartararo and Zarco happy

MOTORSPORTS – It’s a mistake that could ultimately cost him a world title. This Sunday, June 5, the Catalan Motorcycle Grand Prix took place, the ninth stage (out of 20) of the MotoGP season. A race won hands down by Frenchman Fabio Quartararo, reigning world champion. And this success is all the more precious after seeing the blunder committed by his main rival: Aleix Espargaro.

Before Sunday’s race, the two men had won only one race each this year, in Argentina for the Spaniard and in Portugal for the Frenchman, and they were separated by only eight points in the general classification. But after the victory of the French, it is now 22 lengths that separate them, almost a victory (25 points).

The result of a confusing mistake by the Aprilia rider at the start of the last lap, as you can see in the video below:

While the French driver was calmly heading for victory, his runner-up in the general standings was heading towards a third place which would have allowed him to limit the box. But suddenly, the latter found himself in slow motion, waving to the crowd with one hand. And while the commentators of Canal +, broadcaster of the competition, initially believed in a mechanical or computer problem on the machine of the Spaniard, it finally appeared to them that this one had “only” been wrong.

The French come out victorious in spite of themselves

Believing he had crossed the finish line for the last time of the day, Aleix Espargaro thus reduced his speed, taking the time to thank the spectators for this Grand Prix disputed at home… Before realizing his mistake and setting off again full speed to try to regain his position.

But it was a waste of time: the other Frenchman Johann Zarco having taken third place from him and the Spaniard Joan Mir maintaining a slim lead to finish in fourth position. Result: five points lost in the maneuver for Espargaro, a total which he could seriously miss in the event of a tight end to the season.

Enough to justify the total dejection of the 32-year-old driver, author of his best season this year after having never done better than 7th in the general classification at the end of the year in the queen category. Quite the opposite of the French Quartararo and Zarco (incidentally 4th overall), emerged despite themselves victorious from the memorable blunder of the Spaniard.

Heartbroken for Aleix Espargaro. Tears in the box. Can’t imagine how he’s feeling right now

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