Miss Marvel, Marvel’s First Muslim Superhero, Is Coming to Disney+

Marvel is broadcasting the Miss Marvel mini-series from this Wednesday, which follows the adventures of Kamala Khan, a fan of superheroes and Captain Marvel who will obtain superpowers.

Sixth miniseries of the MCU, Miss Marvel arrives on Disney + from this Wednesday, June 8. After several rather dark programs, the studio offers for the first time a series really turned towards the adolescent public.

We follow the adventures of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a fan of superheroes and Captain Marvel stuck in a rigorous family. One evening, after receiving a gift from her family, Kamala Khan discovers that she too has her own superpowers. The start of a great adventure!

At the controls of this mini-series, a duo of Belgian directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Mainly known for the thriller Gangsta and the blockbuster Bad Boys IIIthey offer a very colorful series, far removed from the classic Marvel style, punctuated by Blinding Lights, The Weeknd hit.

Iman Vellani in "Miss Marvel"
Iman Vellani in “Miss Marvel” © Marvel

“When we read the comic, we saw that it was very flashy. We like these colors. We especially wanted to get into the head of this character of Kamala Khan, who always has his head in the clouds”, confides to BFMTV Adil El Arbi, who opted with Bilall Fallah to embed 3D animations in the image.

“It’s a cream, Kevin Feige”

“In the script, the animations weren’t indicated. We thought it would be cool if we could use this very comic book aesthetic,” he continues. “We weren’t sure Marvel would let us do it, because it’s different from other MCU shows and movies.” But Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, was sensitive to the arguments of the duo:

“He told us not to abuse it, it was okay as long as it was right for the scene and the story. He’s a cream, Kevin Feige. He never says ‘no’. He always does everything to satisfy the directors. He wants to create the best conditions for us to be the most creative.”

“Our style also corresponded to what he wanted for the character. Kevin liked the fact of having a very vibrant style, very fast, with a lot of camera movements, while going into depth in the characters”, details Adil El Arbi, who was inspired by series for teenagers like Parker Lewis and Incorrigible Cory.

Before making Miss Marvel, the two directors knew nothing of Kamala Khan and Miss Marvel. “We mostly grew up with Marvel movies. We’re not too into comics. We were mostly Belgian comics like Tintin, Thorgal Where Bob and Underpants“, enumerates Adil El Arbi.

The idea of ​​participating in such a project came to them in 2019, when setting up Bad Boys III. It is the global success ofavengers endgame which gives them ideas: “We said to ourselves for fun that the next step was to make a Marvel! We kidding ourselves by saying that we would make a Muslim superhero without knowing that it really existed!”

“Then our managers and our agents told us that Marvel was developing a series about a Muslim character!”, recalls the duo. “We met Kevin Feige, we fell in love with the character, with this universe and we tried to convince him to give us this job.”

“A character that makes us think of ourselves”

They’ve adapted so well to Marvel that a lot of their ideas for Miss Marvel have been retoquées because some are already in future productions of the MCU. However, the duo ignores everything The MarvelsFollowing Captain Marvel scheduled for July 2023 and of which Kamala Khan will be the star.

Iman Vellani in "Miss Marvel"
Iman Vellani in “Miss Marvel” © Marvel

“Sometimes we pitched an idea and they told us that we couldn’t do it, because it was in conflict with another universe! But we didn’t know in which project!”, laughs Adil El Arbi . “We just wanted to know what was going on in Spiderman Where Doctor Strangebut Kevin wouldn’t tell us…”

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah say they are very proud to have been able to film the first Muslim superheroine of Hollywood and the MCU. “It’s a great honor. He’s a character that makes us think of ourselves,” says Adil El Arbi. “There’s a whole generation of girls who are going to see a character that looks like them.”

While waiting to make a film for Marvel, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are digging their furrow in Hollywood and know how to make themselves indispensable. Captured by a Batgirl film made for HBOMax (“It will be dark”, they warn), they declined Beverly Hills Cop 4. Next step for them: to carry out personal projects in Hollywood.

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