Lidl hits hard with the release of this unique device that will make your daily life easier at a bargain price!

Your daily tasks have never been easier than with Lidl. The German brand continues to innovate and offer interesting items to its customers. This summer, accessories abound! In addition, if you don’t like cleaning, these two accessories will revolutionize your little habits. We explain why and how in the next lines of this article!

Lidl: the king of household appliances!

Lidl has above all made a name for itself thanks to the wealth of its products. If the German brand is particularly recognized in the agri-food sector, it is also so for household appliances. We also know that the discounter does not work alone to compete with big brands. His collaboration in creating the Silvercrest brand has also succeeded in impressing more customers than ever. The arrival of new devices will surprise you, especially during this summer stage.

After the many deckchairs, juice machine and others, it is the turn of the cleaning to be facilitated by Lidl. The brand is well aware of the inconveniences that this task can have on our daily lives. And this especially to clean the least accessible corners of the house. But thanks to this device which will adorn the shelves of the German brand, things should be easier for you!

A portable vacuum cleaner for small spaces!

This is nothing new for anyone, Lidl is always innovating in terms of cleaning devices. The brand’s selection is a hand vacuum cleaner for this summer period. It therefore allows clean your table after breakfast or the little corners of your furniture. Enough to offer a deep cleaning to your interior. Especially since the latter can last several minutes without the need for charging. Enough to facilitate your cleaning without being encumbered by the wires of other devices.

If you are more for large investments, know that this Lidl accessory can be declined in other designs. A 3-in-1 model has been offered by the brand for some time. Enough to allow you to clean your interior in depth and even more effortlessly. You should also know that the latter makes it possible to treat all types of surfaces. Especially since it’s not just dust that it will help you eliminate. Liquids will also be removed more efficiently with this device.

Lidl: ever more attractive prices!

The price of these Lidl appliances is thought out so to be as accessible as possible. You will also be happy to learn that the first device offered by the German brand is estimated at 20 euros. A pittance compared to the many features offered by the device.

If you want to invest in an even smarter device, there is of course 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner. The latter costs up to 149.99 euros. If the price is higher, it provides better quality and efficiency to its user. It’s all about finding what suits you best to make cleaning your home easier!

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