"Fuck your depression": Tibo Inshape slips and creates controversy with his bodybuilding video

“Fuck your depression”: Tibo Inshape slips and creates controversy with his bodybuilding video

This Saturday, June 4, Youtuber Tibo Inshape released a “motivational” clip in favor of bodybuilding, which caused a strong reaction.

His speech does not pass. This Sunday, June 5, Tibo InShape, one of the most followed French Youtubers on social networks with more than eight million subscribers on Youtube, found himself at the heart of a new controversy after posting a TikTok that went very badly. Indeed, his new clip of “motivation” in favor of bodybuilding has set fire to the powder…

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“Damn wake up! Fuck your depression! Fuck your excuses! Fuck your little broken heart! Fuck your mental pressure! Fuck your laziness! Fuck your your doubts“, he launched in the beginning of his clip, broadcasting images of himself doing bodybuilding and contracting his muscles. And to finish: “Stop being a shit, being a person without any motivation. Stop wasting your life! Get up immediately!”.


It had to come out! Motivate your friends!

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If the purpose of the content was to convince his subscribers to take up sport, the 30-year-old southerner who quickly appeared in Twitter trends obviously did not make himself understood by Internet users …

ptn I came out of depression I woke up and stopped being shit thanks to tibo inshapeud83dude0dud83dude0dud83dude0dud83dude0deh wake up depressives!!! https://t.co/XA2IiAp6eB

— 444 nights (@louehsavedme) June 4, 2022

Imagine you have done ten years of study in psychiatry, you are basing yourself on research that has lasted for centuries and there is Tibo Inshape who arrives and he finds the solution: sport ud83dude33 https: //t.co/K77id315ar

“Dayena?” (@idkhtlya) June 5, 2022

Tibo Inshape does his mea culpa

“Yesterday, I did a Tik Tok motivation to encourage people who feel bad about themselves, to move forward. My goal was also to motivate people who are victims of depression. And unfortunately, not everyone does it. ‘did not understand like that,’ he awkwardly regretted.

And to continue: “Depression is a real disease. It’s difficult to get out of it but there are solutions. That’s really what I wanted to show through the Tik Tok. I want to apologize for the people who misinterpreted my Tik Tok”. “If I’m on Earth, it’s to motivate people to play sports and take care of themselves. You’re starting to know me by force. Big courage and support to all people who are victims of depression. We think a lot about you,” Tibo InShape concluded.

The Youtuber is not at his first attempt … In 2018, he shocked with YouTube videos shot in Auschwitz. The following year, it was a video on the profession of embalming which had displeased because of the bodies of the deceased that he had filmed there. More recently, he drew a lot of criticism for a wording in a TikTok that was meant to support the LGBT community. Last March, at the start of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, he congratulated Vladimir Putin for his sports routine while asking him to restore peace. He eventually deleted the video and issued an apology, as reported 20 minutes.

The clip, which was not deleted after the controversy, has so far accumulated 1.3 million views.

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