EXCLU Plus belle la vie : Babeth et Léa gravement malade, Karim replonge, Noé craque pour Betty

EXCLUDED More beautiful life: Babeth and Léa seriously ill, Karim plunges back, Noé falls for Betty

EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: intrigues and spoilers in advance PBLV until July 1, 2022 In the middle of the extended weekend and like every Sunday evening, it’s time for fans of the Marseille soap opera “Plus belle la vie” to find out more about what will happen in the next episodes. Indeed, Stars Actu reveals to you what will happen, in preview and exclusively.


And in three weeks, we can tell you that the investigation of Abdel, Barbara and Tim will lead them to Karim, who has plunged again!

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Elisa catches Abdel rummaging through his father’s belongings. Elisa orders him out of her life. Abdel leaves the Marceau home under the puzzled gaze of Vincent. Elisa announces to her father that it’s over between her and Abdel. For Abdel, if Elisa reacted so violently it is because she is afraid of the truth.


Abdel receives a call from Vincent asking to see him. The latter tends to trap Abdel, he pretends to fix an appointment with someone important on the phone. Abdel falls into the trap and gives the address and the time to Barbara and Tim… On the spot, they are attacked and get away with it in extremis! Now Abdel is sure of it, Marceau has set a trap for him. Abdel does not intend to stop there but first wants Elisa’s agreement because he does not want to betray her a second time. He arranges to meet her at the restaurant and convinces her to let him search in order to corner her father. She’s sure he won’t find anything…

Abdel asks for Karim’s help to trace Marceau’s network thanks to his old contacts. But Karim refuses and claims he doesn’t want to get back into business. Elisa hears a suspicious conversation on the phone between her father and a mysterious caller. Once Vincent is gone, she takes her tablet and immerses herself in it. She then goes to Abdel to tell him what she has found: Marceau has made an appointment with the man to make a transaction at the top of a building…

Abdel hasn’t seen the footage yet but assures Elisa that they now have proof that Vincent paid off a killer. Elisa now agrees with Abdel and kisses him passionately. Abdel swears to her that he will be at her side to face this ordeal. Abdel and Barbara are overwhelmed when they realize that Karim is Vincent’s interlocutor. They convince Tim not to give the video to the police just yet…

For their part, Babeth and Léa are seriously ill. They contracted tuberculosis. Their period of isolation will last several weeks… Jean-Paul struggles alone with the baby.

As for Noé, he goes regularly to visit Betty and these two get dangerously close… They end up cracking up and sleep together! Noé is lost between Betty and Lola.

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