Esport - Trackmania: "Without ZeratoR I wouldn't be who I am"

Esport – Trackmania: “Without ZeratoR I wouldn’t be who I am”

“By passing in extremis, you won it a little in the semi-finals this Trackmania Cup no?
Sebastien “Affolter” Affolter: It’s true. We could not have been in the final, it was played for nothing. The fact of qualifying like that (in the last possible race of the semi-final, ahead of the duo of favorites CarlJr – Bren) had a big positive influence on us. The fact that it was so difficult allowed us to relax in the final. We had done the hardest part.

Gwendal “Gwen” Duparc: Before the start of the competition I thought that the half would be tougher than the final. That’s what happened…

How did you experience this extremely tense end of the semi-final, precisely?
Display : Gwen did everything to motivate me, reassure me, he gave me all the information necessary for me to achieve the best performance. We always believed in each other.

Gwen, at 17 you have just had a pretty crazy week: bac test, invitation to the Elysée, third victory in Trackmania Cup in front of 15,000 people at Bercy…
Gwen : It has to be one of the best weeks of my life (smile). The baccalaureate couldn’t have gone better, the Elysée Palace was cool and Bercy we won. It doesn’t happen to everyone, it will stay in my memory.

Playing at Bercy, in front of so many people, is that extra pressure? Gwen, you had won the last two editions but under different conditions, almost entirely online…
Gwen : I relived Strasbourg a little, in 2019 (at the Zenith, in front of 8,000 people and at 14, he had been eliminated at the semi-final stage). The crowd, the muffled sounds… But it wasn’t as impressive as Bercy. In a 360 degree room you have people all around you, you see and hear everything. It makes this victory much more beautiful than the previous ones. Also because it’s the end of the competition… It was hard in the semis but in the final we played as we had to do from the start. It was amazing to experience.

Display : For my part, it was my first scene. Before the first semi-final we took a walk around the room, when ZeratoR started the competition. It gave us the shivers and I would rather say that it gave us crazy energy. It’s hard to describe, but it was amazing.

“Without ZeratoR I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can only thank him for what he has done. »

Gwendal “Gwen” Duparc

Once in the race, concentrated, do we forget this context?
Display : It depends. Usually yes, but sometimes you just notice it. When 15,000 people are silent on a portion of a circuit (a ZeratoR gimmick on a specific race)…

Gwen : That was amazing. Suddenly there was no more noise.

Display : Yeah, you play, you’re focused, and for a few seconds you go from Bercy to your room.

Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret has more or less announced the end of this competition: what do you say to yourself when you are a professional or semi-professional player of Trackmania ? Do we still manage to project ourselves?
Display : We can only be grateful for what ZeratoR has brought to our game for nine years. Now Trackmania and his competitive scene must take off, there are other competitions… You just have to thank him for having been able to experience an event like this.

Gwen : Without ZeratoR I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can only thank him for what he has done. And we won’t stop Trackmania because this competition no longer exists. »


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