Axie Infinity (AXS): the fallen king of play to earn does not admit defeat

Axie Infinity (AXS): the fallen king of play to earn does not admit defeat

Spirit team up – In the manner of king of bitcoin cryptocurrencies, altcoins are following the downtrend. Games play-to-earn are not spared by this fall which can be similar, for certain cryptocurrencies, to a tumble. Axie Infinity, an NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain, has tried to renew itself in the face of these delicate markets. The three main cryptocurrencies of the ecosystem (AXS, SLP and RON) having lost a lot of value in recent months. Players were jumping ship, so the play-to-earn gaming giant needed to innovate. The program Axie Infinity Builders, competition to develop new games was then offered to the community. The results are in and the winners are…

12 new knights for Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis, parent company of Axie Infinity opened a contest in January 2022: the Axie Infinity Builders Schedule. At stake: gains allowing the project to develop under ideal conditions within theRonin ecosystemthe gaming blockchain.

The advantages of the lucky ones are numerous:

  • maximum grant of $10,000 (in AXS, game governance token);
  • authorization to monetize the game (requirement however to follow a revenue sharing model);
  • agreements to use the Axie Infinity brand.

A total of 2,000 requests were reviewed by the Sky Mavis team as part of the competition. Of these 2,000 applications, only 12 were accepted..

The next twelve games that will perhaps be developed by Axie Infinity will therefore be called:

  • Inter the Dungeon;
  • DOLL;
  • Axie To The Moon;
  • Hungry Axie;
  • Axieology;
  • Lunacia Cup;
  • Run Axie Run;
  • AxiePop;
  • Axie Infinity War;
  • Axie Brawl;
  • Mech Infinity;
  • Across Lunacia.
Mech, one of the games chosen by the Axie Infinity Builders Programs.
Mech Infinity, game from the Axie Infinity Builds program – Source: The Lunacian

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Axie Infinity: a community to develop a blockchain

It is then a question of those responsible for this program proposing a collective project to positively evolve the Axie Infinity game. In doing so, by accumulating the qualitative projectsthe game has not yet said its last word on the play-to-earn market:

“Every Lunatian should be patient and support our builders who have risen to the challenge and poured their blood and sweat into experiences that our community can benefit from. We believe this is just the first step into a new world where the community can directly contribute in meaningful and useful ways to the games and projects they love. »

The Lunacian

On the side of the players, the interest is also there. It is indeed a question of being able to propose to the holders of NFT Axie Infinity to extend the fields of use of their non-fungible tokens. Games created by the community will therefore be operated by Axie Infinity. In its announcement, the company also promises upcoming partnerships:

“As we plan to leverage community-created games to strengthen the Axie ecosystem, Sky Mavis will also form partnerships with major game studios to develop experiences for Axie Infinity and Ronin. »

However, the cryptocurrencies of the ecosystem are still at half mast and buyers seem cautious. The AXS certainly ended last week on a positive note, with a nice result against the dollar. However, the $28 reached (+54%) did not last long under the selling pressure. The cryptocurrency has already corrected around $21. Always weakened by the historic hack it suffered in March, the Ronin ecosystem despite everything, seems to want to continue to impose itself in the long term.

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