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Teyssier wins the regional selections thanks to Constance (Summary episode n° 418 ITC)

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for episode 418 of Thursday, June 9, 2022 of ITC. In your daily series, to win the selections, Teyssier creates a dessert that outclasses Zacharie’s. Laetitia makes a delightful discovery. At La table des Rivières, Solal faces an unexpected clerk.


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The summary of Here it all begins from Wednesday, June 8, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

Here it all begins Summary of episode 418 of Thursday, June 9, 2022

Laetitia makes a delightful discovery.

Deva, Tom, Ambre and Kelly continue to train together on the recipe given last year to the 1ʳᵉ year students during their final exam. The apprentice cooks are hardly serene, especially Kelly who, as the exams approach, cannot put her foot on the ground and who has to remain seated on a chair. Tom takes advantage that Laetitia goes to see them in the kitchen to ask him to find out about the subject of the end-of-year tests. Kelly braces herself and asks her mother to forget what she has just heard.

Deva meets Rose and Souleymane in the vegetable garden. Antoine’s son ignores him. He later confides in Rose that he is testing Deva in hopes that she will come back to him. Rose warns him. The famous concept of “Flee me, I follow you” does not work every time. She advises him to accept Deva’s decision about marrying Vikash.

Guillaume looks in vain on Teyssier’s desk for the list of ingredients needed for the end-of-year exams. He must run the command quickly. Laetitia helps him. She finds this list slipped between several sheets and gives it to Guillaume, taking great care to memorize it.

Kelly is stressed at the approach of the exams and panics at the idea of ​​not being able to pass them under normal conditions. Laetitia cannot bring herself to leave her daughter like this and gives her the name of the main ingredient that will be honored during the exams, namely duck. But Kelly braces herself, because she is not supposed to know it.


Axel unexpected clerk from Solal

Jasmine takes Axel to lunch at the Table des Rivières, but Solal has an event planned. He is expecting people and as his extra has just let him go, he cannot serve them today. Jasmine would have liked to help her, but she has a lesson in two hours. She suggests that Solal hire Axel as a clerk. Jasmine assures Solal that he is as good as his uncle, Chef Teyssier. At first, Solal declines, because Axel lacks experience. Jasmine points out to him that he works for free. Solal ends up accepting. But he can’t help but be bitter because Axel benefits from privileges at the Institute. Axel tries to make him understand that he is not a “son of”. Wasted effort. Solal criticizes him for not assuming to have privileges. Axel admits to being lucky. Then, he assures Solal that he will have to pass the same tests as everyone else and that he is going a long way. But Solal suggests that he save his tearful story for the jury and points out that he doesn’t have time to listen to it since he is cooking.

But Solal is not at the end of his surprises. Axel put white wine in the molds instead of white beer. And while he asks Axel to start all over again, the Table des Rivières is hit by a power outage and customers are waiting. Axel helps him. He thinks he knows where the failure comes from and makes the appropriate repairs. Solal thanks him. Axel explains to him that he learned certain things when he was helping his father on construction sites. Then, he confides to him that his father wants him to take over the family business and that it is not in his plans. Solal apologizes to Axel for his attitude. He admits to having judged him a little quickly. Axel offers Solal to train with him for the Institute entrance exam. Solal is leaving.

Teyssier will compete in the National Pastry Championship

Emmanuel Teyssier realized that the chef Cardone manipulated him into participating in the regional selections. He also understood his motives. Annabelle hoped that he would humble himself in the competition and that he would leave the Institute with his head down and then offer him a job in London. Emmanuel thinks that Annabelle didn’t want to take the risk of him catching up on the second test and that’s why she urged him yesterday to drop out of the competition and offer him this job.

Antoine points out to Teyssier that the chef Cardone is president of the jury and that she could influence the notes or rate her dessert severely even if it is excellent. But Emmanuel dismisses this hypothesis out of hand. He knows full well that the other two judges have integrity and that Annabelle could not therefore do such things. Teyssier is aware that if he fails the second test, he will lose his reputation, his career and his wife. And he is determined to win.

The second round of the regional selections is about to begin. Chief Cardone insists that there is still time for candidates who wish to withdraw, but it is a waste of time. Célia and Mehdi have the impression that Annabelle is addressing Teyssier personally. Chef Cardone then explains the course of the second test. Candidates will have to make a dessert invented especially for this competition and which has never been presented to an audience before. Then, she asks Teyssier for an explanation. True to form, he shows himself to be a bit arrogant, which exasperates Chef Cardone.

Zacharie can’t help provoking Teyssier. He calls out to her in the park. He is sure to crush it. Moreover, he has made a dessert that he masters at his fingertips. This dessert, he created it thinking of Constance, of all the good times they spent together and all those they will still spend together. But Teyssier replies to Zacharie that he is going to destroy him.

Before the start of the test, he changes his dessert. Chef Teyssier tells his children that he wants to honor their mother with a dessert that suits her perfectly. He would like her to understand that with this dessert, he loves her like crazy. Théo thinks that the dessert his father wants to create lacks delicacy. He suggests that she add a macaron-style meringue shell and modify the flavor of the ganache with violet, because its smell reminds her a lot of the perfume of Constance.

The test is over. The jury tastes the different desserts. That of the Teyssier family called “Le Constance” is visually superb and creates its small effect among the students. The jury then announces the final results. Chef Melnik takes fourth place, chef Alvar third, and the two joint winners are Zacharie Landiras and Emmanuel Teyssier. However, there can only be one winner, the one who will go to the national pastry championship. In exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures. The two pastry chefs have dedicated their desserts to the same person and chef Cardone believes that it is normal for this person to decide between them. This is Constance. But she’s not sure she’s the right person to decide between them, she doesn’t have a chef’s palate. Chief Cardone asks Landiras and Teyssier what they think. Constance’s husband has no problem with it. As for Zacharie, he trusts Constance.

The latter tastes the two desserts and makes her choice. Constance wishes to remind the assembly that its decision is necessarily subjective. Each of the two desserts had undeniable qualities and his choice was difficult. But a dessert seduced her more. She chooses “Le Constance”, the creation of Emmanuel Teyssier to the great displeasure of Zacharie and the chef Cardone.

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