Prince Charles and Prince William take the Platinum Party stage outside Buckingham Palace

Prince Charles and Prince William take the Platinum Party stage outside Buckingham Palace

The royal family was once again present in large numbers on June 4, 2022 to attend the Platinum Party, the platinum Jubilee evening broadcast live on the BBC. The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with two of their children or the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attended the show, in which Prince Charles and Prince William participated.

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Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge cheered on stage at Platinum Party

In front of the gates of Buckingham Palace and next to the “Tree of Trees”, the Commonwealth’s first beacon, was installed the imposing stage which welcomed dozens of singing stars on June 4, 2022. For a month, from February in March, the British and tourists had been able to register to hope to obtain a precious ticket to attend this concert organized by the BBC. Around 10,000 people were drawn and an additional 7,500 tickets were given to healthcare workers, volunteers and members of the armed forces.

The Platinum Party wraps up day three of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee festivities, which kicked off on Thursday with the Trooping the Color military parade and end on Sunday with the Big Lunches and Grand Parade through the streets of London. This Saturday, the horse races of Epsom were on the program of the official festivities.

The Duke and Duchess Cambridge with their first two children at the Platinum Party (Photo: PA Photos/ABACAPRESS)

Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the races, due to her health. The 96-year-old sovereign took advantage of this day of rest to meet her great-granddaughter, Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, who celebrated her first birthday today. Prince William and his wife celebrated the Jubilee at Cardiff Castle in Wales with their two children, while Prince Edward and his wife did the same in Northern Ireland.

The exceptional Jubilee show started at 7.30pm London time. The show began with a mini-movie recorded at Buckingham Palace. We saw the queen having tea and sharing a marmalade sandwich with the famous Paddington bear.

YouTube video

This humorous moment recalled the other memorable sequence which featured Queen Elizabeth with James Bond, on the occasion of the London Olympics in 2012.

The show was broadcast live on the BBC, allowing millions of Britons who were not drawn to enjoy performances from Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys and Rod Stewart. Sam Ryder, the Eurovision star who finished second for the UK this year, was particularly applauded. Film score composer Hans Zimmer was also on the program, as DJ Sigala, singer Craig David, band Duran Duran and former Supremes star Diana Ross closed the show.

Several members of the Royal Family attended the show, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the front row with Prince George and Princess Charlotte seated in front of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were also present, as were Princess Anne, the Earl and Countess of Wessex, and again, among others, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Prince William took the stage in the middle of the show. His speech focused on the environmental emergency. ” Now in 2022, as the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, the pressing need to protect and restore our planet has never been more urgent. “said the Duke of Cambridge. ” This evening was full of optimism and joy, and there is hope. Together, if we harness the best in humanity and restore our planet, we will protect it for our children, for our grandchildren, and for future generations. “.

A few minutes later, it was Prince Charles who gave a much more personal speech, even speaking directly to his mother who is watching the show from her television in Windsor. “ The outpouring of warmth and affection throughout this Jubilee weekend is our way of saying thank you, from your family, from the country, from the Commonwealth and indeed from all over the world. »

He thanked Queen Elizabeth II for her 70 years of service and for the generations she cared for. “Your family now spans four generations. You are our head of state. And you are also our Mother. After devoting an entire paragraph to his father who died last year, the Prince of Wales went on to talk about Elizabeth II.

“I know what really gets my mum up in the morning is all of you watching at home. Your Majesty, you have been with us in our difficult times. And you bring us together to celebrate moments of pride, joy and happiness. You have met us and discussed with us. You laugh and cry with us and, above all, you have been there for us for these 70 years. You have made a lifelong commitment to service and you continue to do so. That’s why we are here. That’s what we celebrate tonight. These photos on your house are the story of your life and ours. So, Your Majesty, that’s why we all say “thank you” “, concluded the prince of Wales, while archive images selected by prince Charles, were projected on the facade of Buckingham.

The evening, presented by Kirsty Young and Roman Kemp, revolved around global themes that were born or evolved during the reign of Elizabeth II, such as sport, music, the environment or fashion. Performances featuring actors and special guests from musicals were screened during the show. Three scenes were linked together by footbridges and there were 70 columns in the scenography, symbolizing the 70 years of reign.

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