Nadège Lacroix talks about her relationship with Thomas Vergara... and tackles him along the way!  (VIDEO)

Nadège Lacroix talks about her relationship with Thomas Vergara… and tackles him along the way! (VIDEO)

This Saturday, June 4, Nadège Lacroix and other candidates from Secret Story were invited to TPMP People. The winner of season 6 of TF1’s cult reality TV came back to her complicated story with Thomas Vergara.

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When Secret Story landed on our small screens in 2007, a new wind blew on reality TV. If the program uses the codes of a confinement program, the production wanted to embellish the concept developed by loft story. Each candidate had to arrive in the adventure with a secret to protect. To spice up the game, a mysterious Voice gave them missions to complete. Clues to find, mysteries of the house to unravel… The mysterious world of Secret Story has won over many viewers over the seasons. But the House of Secrets would not have been the same without its inhabitants. From 2007 to 2017, Secret Story revealed many personalities. Caroline Receveur, Émilie Nef Naf, Capucine Anav, Amélie Neten, Ayem Nour… So many participants have gone from shadow to light in a few weeks. And today, many of them have made their notoriety grow. This Saturday, June 4, a wind of nostalgia blew on the set of TPMP People. Mathieu Delormeau received four emblematic inhabitants of the House of Secrets: Cindy, Benoît, Vivian and Nadège. And the latter had things to say!

“The Wind of the Year”

Remember. In 2012, during season 6 of Secret Storyviewers discover Nadege Lacroix. The bubbly young blonde then shares a secret with Thomas Vergara, the one who is now in a relationship with Nabilla. Both contestants must pretend they are siblings. A very difficult secret for the Swiss to keep… since she falls in love with her fake brother during the game! Eight weeks after the start of the adventure, their tricks are up to date. Nadège then declares her love for Thomas. But this is unfortunately not reciprocal: “I take the wind of the year in front of five million viewers“, she recalls on the set of TPMP People. A rake which, according to Hugo Manos, would have helped the young woman to win her edition: “People got attached to you because of it“, he confides to her.

“He has been very in love with him for a very long time”

Today, Nadège is a fulfilled woman. Happy in love, she lives in Geneva. She also exercises the job of her dreams, that of actress. And it wouldn’t have been possible without Secret Story : “Don’t spit in the soup. If I had all his great professional opportunities it’s thanks to Secret Story“, recalls the one we saw in Under the sun. If she has very good memories of the show that changed her life, Nadège remains bitter on a subject. Ten years after her time in the House of Secrets, the actress still seems not to have digested her story with Thomas… “Him, he has been very in love with him for a very long time“, she blurts out during the interview, after having mentioned the wind he put on her. A remark that should not please Nabilla, Thomas’ current companion!

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