Lidl hits hard by offering a dream vacation for 500 euros on a paradise island

Lidl really has more than one trick up its sleeve. The German brand has proven it again with this new offer that will allow you to go on vacation for less than €500. All in a destination that will not fail to interest more than one.

A brand that has become accustomed to spoiling its customers

When it comes to pampering its customers, Lidl knows how to do it by constantly offering more attractive offers than the others. The German brand has made a name for itself among its mass-market competitors with offers that are still just as aggressive.

The consumer then benefits from all the benefits of competition. Lidl has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its products sold at rock bottom prices. Add to that the many promotional offers and the trick is played For this summer period 2022, Lidl offers products such as mosquito nets to be affixed to doors and windows as well as products which are intended for your barbecues.

Added to this, the brand has launched many household appliances for this summer. Among them, vacuum cleaners as well as the new version of its cooking robot called Monsieur Cuisine. Of course, what makes you dream the most in this period is to go on vacation. That’s good, Lidl has what it takes in its gear.

Holidays on a paradise island at bargain prices

No need to make you languish any longer. The destination that Lidl offers you is none other than the sumptuous island of Crete. Indeed, the brand invites you to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of this Greek island under a beautiful summer sun. Thus, as mentioned above, you will be able to taste the local gastronomy to regain your strength after visiting the authentic villages there.

This €499 offer includes a half-board stay at the Albatros Resort & Spa. A four-star establishment located about twenty meters from the beach. Moreover, this sumptuous hotel is located in the city of Hersonissos. A place preserved from all agitations. During your stay, you will be able to spend your days strolling through the atypical alleys of the island or have fun during the evenings of which the Greeks have the secret.

This Lidl offer has been designed for families, as it includes access to two swimming pools, including a children’s pool. Half-board obviously includes breakfasts and dinners at the hotel. Thus, you will have the opportunity to taste the Cretan specialties known to be one of the healthiest in the world! You will agree that it is difficult to dream of a better vacation.

Lidl has everything planned to give you a well-deserved holiday

Lidl has pulled out all the stops to make you forget about inflation and rising fuel prices. During your stay on this island, you will be entitled to tickets to attend events organized within the hotel. The spa will also be open to you for a small supplement.

The room that will be reserved for you via this offer will be worthy of the event. This is a standard double room with a private bathroom equipped with a shower or a bathtub. In addition to this, you will be entitled to a private terrace from your room.

This offer from Lidl is valid for a fairly long period. This will allow you to organize yourself according to your availability. Indeed, you have time to make up your mind until October 2022. The least we can say is that you will have time to see it coming.

Note that to take advantage of this offer during your holidays, you will have to pay a sum of 489 €. This is only the starting price. It is quite possible that this price will change depending on the city of departure and the date you choose. Even with a supplement for the spa, Lidl’s offer is one of the most attractive of the moment, as far as holidays are concerned.

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