League of Nations / Mercato: Gavi, heart of Spain and anxiety of Barça

League of Nations / Mercato: Gavi, heart of Spain and anxiety of Barça

It’s a small coincidence that has not gone completely unnoticed. Thursday in Seville, Gavi left the field in the 81st minute of the match between Spain and Portugal. Under the ovations of the Benito-Villamarin public, won over by the performance of the 17-year-old midfielder trained at Betis, well beyond his remarkable work on the opening of the Spanish score by Alvaro Morata. La Roja was still ahead on the scoreboard at that time. Only a minute after the Barcelonian’s exit, this was already no longer the case. And the selection of Luis Enrique had to settle for a frustrating draw against the Portuguese (1-1).

You miss someone and everything is depopulated? The shortcut is obviously too fast. And Luis Enrique was careful not to take it, declaring after the meeting that no one was “iindisputable“. But in fact, the Barcelona midfielder has established himself as an irremovable holder of the Spanish selection since his debut in the final phase of the last Nations League last October. Over this period, La Roja has played seven matches and Gavi have started six times Spain have only lost once against France in the Nations League final (1-2) for five wins and a draw against Portugal .

Nations League

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“Single Player”

The Barcelona environment is certainly not for nothing in the revival of La Roja. The results of the Seleccion justify the confidence placed in him by Luis Enrique, under the spell of his player. “I have a feeling that Gavi is still an unknown in Spanish footballhe launched after the draw against Portugal. His game is not only about running: he fights, but he is also a very high level player on the offensive level, a pure interior player, able to use both feet, to score goals, who has a excellent last pass… He has enormous physical potential for an 18-year-old player (Gavi will have them on August 5, editor’s note). Honestly, you’ll understand that in the future, but he’s a unique player.”

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An already ultra-complete profile, while Gavi still has significant room for improvement given his age. Spain already knew they had a little gem, but they got confirmation game after game. As Barça have experienced this season. The midfielder has made 46 appearances there in all competitions and has established itself, there too, as a driving force in the Catalan midfield. Even if Luis Enrique believes that Gavi is not necessarily recognized at its fair value. “When he plays at Barça, we often highlight his defensive qualities, but Gavi is much more than that.” launched the Spanish coach on Thursday.

Laporta-De La Peña, frying on the line

Exactly. FC Barcelona has already had time to measure the extent to which Gavi constitutes a huge stake for the future of the club. A bit like Pedri, whom Barça managed to extend. But the Gavi case seems more complicated in view of the difficulties. Negotiations with Ivan de la Peña, former Blaugrana now the player’s agent, are particularly delicate for the extension of a contract which expires in a year. “The agent has had an extension offer on the table for a long timeBarcelona president Joan Laporta revealed at the end of May in the columns of L’Esportiu. We have no news. All we know is that he is comparing everything and that at some point he will have to say something. We have made our position known, and at the moment the player’s agent does not accept it.”

The situation of Gavi is an anguish for Barça. The Catalan club’s cash flow difficulties do not allow it to make a significant financial effort for its young environment. The player has never hidden his desire to continue his career at FC Barcelona. And his agent would not necessarily push for his client to leave. But de la Peña was a little scalded by Laporta’s statements and Marca indicated at the end of May that the Gavi agent had no news from the Barcelona management for a new offer. She ended up falling according to Fabrizio Romano.

A clause estimated at 50 million

The Italian journalist, specialist in the transfer window, even hinted that the trend was rather optimistic on the Barcelona side. However, the differences of point of view with the Catalan management, and the tension which has arisen between the two parties, do not necessarily favor an agreement. And the rumors of a possible extra-sporting affair involving his teammate Gérard Piqué do not help the situation. But for Barça, there is urgency. Not only because Gavi’s contract expires in a year, but also because it includes a release clause estimated at 50 million euros according to the Spanish press. It makes the Barcelona environment a particularly attractive target in the transfer window.

Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Chelsea have already positioned themselves. But ultimately, it’s almost surprising that there aren’t more suitors given Gavi’s talent, potential and contract situation. The performance of the Spanish midfielder against Portugal is already likely to rekindle the desire for him. From this point of view, the three matches still on the program of Spain in this month of June do not play in favor of Barça. They will be so many opportunities for Gavi to assert itself even more as the heart of La Roja. And for Barcelona, ​​to see their gem shine so brightly that it might just end up slipping through their fingers.

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