Internet users exasperated by the commentators of the Jubilee Concert on Paris Première

Internet users exasperated by the commentators of the Jubilee Concert on Paris Première

This Saturday, June 4, Paris Première broadcast live the great concert in honor of the Jubilee of the Queen of England. But for many Internet users, reassembled, the show was spoiled by the commentators of the chain.

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Saturday evening June 4 took place on concert organized in the framework of the Jubilee of platinum Queen Elizabeth II. Planned at Buckingham Palace, in London, this musical event celebrated the 70 years of reign of the mother of prince Charles. So that the French can attend, remotely but live, Paris Première broadcast it from 9 p.m. On Twitter, it was not so much the program that was commented on en masse, but above all the way in which the television channel appropriated the famous show, through Francois Pier Pelinard Lambert, editor-in-chief of French movie, and of Jerome Carongreat reporter working for the magazine Point of view, responsible for comments. And who have drawn the wrath of Twittos.

A silence that might have been better

Indeed, on the social network, many Internet users complained during the evening about the reactions of commentators, not always judicious in their eyes. And it was sometimes violent. “Well, we would have liked to hear from Andrew Lloyd Webber [le compositeur britannique de 74 ans qui était invité pour performer sur scène, ndlr]… Thank you to the Paris Première commentators!!! Really no use, they don’t translate, they just talk to justify their fictitious job salary. What idea to have hired them? “Unbearable the commentators who speak on the songs”, “Could the commentators close it? We would like to hear more than half of the music”, “It’s unbearable! I’m going to zap!”, “What a lack of respect for the artists, the comments on the songs” , “He gets the commentator drunk… He talks too much… And at the wrong time! In fact, it’s useless! Let us enjoy!“, can we read in particular on Twitter.

An entire program

As a reminder, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee kicked off on June 2 with a military and aerial parade marked by the very expressive grimaces of Prince Louis. The next day a high mass was held in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Saturday June 4, before the giant concert took place, there was a horse race planned, since Elizabeth II is a fan. This Sunday, June 5 is the last day of the festivities. For the occasion, a big parade will be organized in the capital of England.

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