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“I found a father for my future child”: Lara Fabian wants to start a family with this coach from The Voice…

If today Lara Fabian finally seems to have found the shoes at her feet and is fulfilled alongside Gabriel Di Giorgio, the singer has confessed to wanting to start a family with another man before. This is a very famous “The Voice” coach. For more details on this topic, follow the article to the end.

She reveals her routine

Lara Fabian is a successful artist in France and is therefore not to be presented. In addition to pursuing a successful career in the world of music, the beautiful blonde is also known to be a former coach of “The Voice”.

Thus, the musician has thousands of fans on French territory and most of them even follow their idol on Instagram. Lara Fabian is, in fact, very active on the social network and regularly shares her daily newspapers with her subscribers.

On Tuesday April 5, 2022, for example, Lou’s mother shared a photo of her natural, putting on makeup. For the occasion, she unveiled her “favorite beauty routine” that she practices before starting her day. In this photo, Lara Fabian also showed her shoulders, enough to amaze her fans, who are already speechless when they see her beautiful natural face.

This singer with whom she wanted to start a family

If Lara Fabian is very successful in her professional life, it is also the same with her private life. As a reminder, the beautiful blonde has been in a relationship with a certain Gabriel Di Giorgio for almost a decade and is also the happy mother of a teenager named Lou Pullicino, born of her relationship with Gérard Pullicino.

However, long before meeting her current partner and the birth of her daughter, Lara was in a relationship with an equally well-known musician. This is obviously Patrick Fiori, with whom the singer had a beautiful pure love story.

This one had fallen in love with the singer so much that she had even been sure to have found the right one. The musician notably confided in this period in the columns of Gala and made unexpected revelations.

“I’m sure I’ve found a father for my future child,” she said of her former relationship with the singer.

However, it seems fate would have it otherwise as the former couple ended up going their separate ways. A rupture linked to the over-mediatization of their personal life.

The current life of Patrick Fiori

After their separation, Lara Fabian and Patrick Fiori chose different paths and met other people with whom they had a new romantic relationship. If Lara Fabian is now fulfilled alongside Gabriel Di Giorgio, Patrick Fiori is also fulfilled in his personal life.

After having maintained an idyll doomed to failure with Julie Zenatti for almost six years, the singer met Ariane Quatrefages who forever changed his life. Indeed, following his marriage to the former Miss Rhône-Alpes in 2008, the handsome brown became a dad for the first time a year later.

The family then grew in 2014 with the birth of their second son, enough to make Lara Fabian’s ex-companion even happier. Husband and father of a family, the musician thus puts before everything else, even his passion, his own.

At Idolesmag, the darling of Ariane Quatrefages confided how much becoming a father changed his life. This also changes in work, he says, because now his property is, above all, his wife and his two boys.

“Music is wonderful, it’s a job in which I have fun and it’s great, but my priority is my family,” he said.

In addition to being an emblematic musician in France, Patrick Fiori is obviously also a model family man.

Lara Fabian’s daughter has grown up!

For her part, her ex, Lara Fabian also seems very fulfilled since the birth of her only daughter, Lou. And although the singer is discreet vis-à-vis the 14-year-old teenager, it sometimes happens that the mother shares photos of her daughter on her Instagram account.

This is in particular what she had done on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Sunday May 29, 2022. Through this publication dedicated to her daughter, the interpreter of “I love you” wanted to share of her pride in being Lou’s mother.

But if the message of Lara Fabian was very moving, we could not escape the metamorphosis of the teenager either. Red hair, nose piercing, smoky eyes and a very rock look, Lara Fabian’s daughter has changed a lot!

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