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Florent Pagny: His favorite “Nour (The Voice)” reveals the identity of the man of his life

Is the winner of season 11 of “The Voice” in a relationship? In any case, this is what Internet users think. Indeed, the darling of Florent Pagny posted a photo of her on his Instagram account very recently. But what caught the eyes of his fans was a comment. What was he saying?

“Sorry bb”

Since her adventure on the show “The Voice”, Nour happens to be very active. She often shares photos of herself on her Instagram account, whether behind the scenes of “The Voice” or even selfies of her.

Moreover, very recently, the young woman published a selfie on social networks. Nour was dressed in black. Her gorgeous hair was down and her fans only had eyes for it. However, analyzing the photo well, there is another detail.

Indeed, the winner of “The Voice” has fake nails on her right hand while her left hand has none. In the comments, she clarified:

“Jpppppp my false nails not finished because of @gautiermrqs. »

The principal concerned quickly responded by saying:

“Sorry baby”.

A message that obviously did not go unnoticed because Internet users immediately lent a secret affair to the pretty brunette.

“Too cute”, “Lovers”, can we read in the comments.

Could the young man be Nour’s darling? In any case, nothing has been revealed yet. But what is certain is that the two young people are very close.

Nour’s testimony

After his big victory, No grants an interview to the journalists of Melty. The opportunity for the young woman to confide in her victory, her relationship with Florent Pagny but also her rapprochement with Gautier.

As a reminder, Gautier Delaporte participated in the program “The Voice”. Unfortunately, the young boy did not make it to the final. Anyway, his participation allowed him to meet many people, including Nour. The two young people have forged bonds of friendship, but for the moment, we do not know if they are a couple.

During the interview, faced with the question “Thanks to The Voice 2022, you met Gautier. On social networks, many Internet users are convinced that you are going to get into a relationship. What do you think ? “, the winner of “The Voice” confessed:

“Suspense! (laughs) It’s true that Gautier and I are super close, we get along really well. I don’t know if something could happen between us… Maybe! We will have to follow…”

The pride of Florent Pagny

What is certain is that Gautier never stopped encouraging Nour in his participation. Just like Florent Pagny did. Moreover, the latter was proud of his foal when it won the trophy.

“He told me he was very proud of me, he was happy to end this season in style. At the moment, Florent is not in top form but when I see him in front of me, I find him happy, happy to be there, in top form. Sometimes he has moments of fatigue but he is happy, ”she told Télé-Loisirs.

Nour also added in the columns of Here Paris:

“He was a dad to me! He told me he was very proud of me, I was touched. I find him very brave. Despite the illness, he remained very available and smiling to give me advice. Regarding my future career, he told me to be careful who I trust and not to be too naive. In this environment, not everyone wants you well. »

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