Bordeaux: David Guion an extension by default – Girondins

Bordeaux: David Guion an extension by default – Girondins

Yesterday the club without announcing it officially communicated via the press on the renewal of David Guion as coach of the Girondins de Bordeaux. Decryption.

Not the number 1 choice

Failed without his Girondins rescue mission, David Guion was not the favorite to lead the Girondins de Bordeaux side in Ligue 2.

Indeed, the club surveyed Jean-Marc Furlan who was his favorite and who is back with AJA in Ligue 1, Laurent Batlles who finally signed up for Saint-Étienne, and Omar Daf who preferred to stay at FC Sochaux.

These failures testify to the difficulty for the management of the scapular club to convince on a project. Because the three coaches surveyed are coaches who know how to lead a game project, a club project over several seasons. A refusal suggests that Bordeaux did not know how to propose a project, which does not correspond to the philosophy of these coaches who like to build.

The blur on the sportsman

Last season left its mark in the management of the club and the locker room too. In the microcosm of French football, information circulates quickly. A statement by Pau FC coach Didier Tholot on France Bleu Bigorre on May 27 says a lot about the organization and operation at FCGB.

He declares : “I’ve always said that there were one or two clubs that could change my mind, it’s Saint-Étienne and Bordeaux. Today, we are doing a good job in Pau, the situation of the Girondins is far from clear… I have my conception of things, I need to have my hands free, to be able to work calmly. “

Reading the lines of this statement, we understand that the interventionism of sports director Admar Lopes (or higher in the hierarchy) is an obstacle for a coach. A technician to build a game project must have serenity to defend his choices.

Moreover, the economic uncertainty which weighs on the FCGB does not plead in favor of stability. But to carry out a sports project, a trainer needs a structured club and a clear medium- or long-term vision. Bordeaux obviously offers none of that.

The same men for the same results?

This is why David Guion is reappointed. Worst coach in the history of the club with an average of 0.79 points per game, he chose to re-enlist for a year. It must be said that he adapts well to the club’s policy such as the repeated tenures of Marcelo or Fransergio at the end of the season. These are however monumental flops of the transfer window of Admar Lopes.

In addition, David Guion provides perfect after-sales service in the media. Thus, he explains to us in Sud Ouest that his extension and his stability in the post (in failure?) is a good thing for the coming season: “The club has not experienced stability in the off-season for almost four years. Continuity is important to me. It will allow us to save time because I can identify the needs to rebuild the workforce. For example, I have already spotted young people from the training center who can ride. I know the dressing room, the infrastructure, the local environment.”

Except that with a “fairly substantial recruitment“As he says in this interview, the squad will not have stability. It is illusory to believe otherwise.

Moreover, a club whose owner bases his economic model on trading cannot have stability within his workforce. He needs players coming in and out to keep the machine running. Here, we are no longer talking about a sports project in this situation.

Finally, his staff will be renewed at 90% with the exception of André Monteiro indicates L’Équipe. This is a man from Jogo Bonito who joined Bordeaux from Mouscron last season.

Finally, it is the DNCG which will validate the coach’s contract during the club’s hearing on June 14. While waiting for this date, Bordeaux has given itself a little visibility and tranquility by appointing its coach for Ligue 2.

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