after the preview, the film is bludgeoned on Twitter

after the preview, the film is bludgeoned on Twitter

Jurassic World: The World After does not seem to have convinced the first spectators. Weak script, hollow characters… The trilogy ends on a bad note.

“Never exhilarating generic blockbuster”, “characterless attraction”, “a stupid scenario and foam characters”… The editorial staff ofWidescreen has never been very tender with the films of the saga Jurassic Worldtasteless sequel to the cult Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg. A few days before the official release of the third installment (and sixth film in the saga), the press is sharpening its feathers, patiently waiting for the embargo to be lifted.

A preview was however organized in public… Perhaps the studio estimated that the reaction of the fans would be less violent than those of the critics of cinema? After all, the first two were good commercial successes. One thing is certain, at this stage, the result is very lukewarm. Among the first spectators, we spotted many sharp opinions. Tweet review.

Among these opinions, it is mainly the elements of the scenario and the trajectory of the characters that are scrutinized by the spectators. Sometimes the quality of the show and the special effects find favor with these disappointed fans.

For others, there is nothing to keep: several spectators denounce bad special effects and an uninteresting plot. The return of Sam Neill and Laura Dern, heroes of the very first film in the franchise, will not have been enough to convince the biggest fans.

On his Youtube channel, critic Clapman explains that he found the film “flat, dull”that “it’s slow, it talks a lot” and “that he was very bored”. Not much to keep then, in appearance. Still, the show will still be able to delight some fans of the franchise, as well as the many nods to old feature films (we’re not bringing the original trio back for nothing!). Since we don’t want to leave you on this avalanche of acerbic tweets, we wondered if we were wrong, and if the saga wasn’t that bad.

To form your own opinion, Jurassic World: The World After will be available in theaters from June 8, 2022.


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