NBA La grosse décla de Jeremy Lin sur Stephen Curry

12 years later, Jeremy Lin throws his cash truth on Steph Curry!

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The NBA Finals got off to a bad start for the Warriors and the pressure is mounting, especially for Stephen Curry. It is in this context that Jeremy Lin dropped an ultra-cash statement on the Chef… more than 12 years after their collaboration with the Warriors! Some aspects of his opinion are likely to be debated, but we can understand the reasoning of the guard.

Golden State is the series favorite against the Celtics, and Game 1 has long lived up to that premise. Except that by conceding a violent 40-16 in the last quarter, it was Steve Kerr’s men who found themselves behind in the score when the final whistle sounded. A very disappointing outcome, especially since Stephen Curry started the game with a bang with no less than 21 points in the first 12 minutes.

Unfortunately, the result was not of the same ilk and although the leader finished the game with 35 units accompanied by 5 rebounds and 5 assists, it was not enough to guarantee the success of his team. Unsurprisingly, the detractors of the n°30 seized the opportunity on the fly to hit the player once again, mocking him in particular for his absence of MVP of the Finals when he emerged victorious three times. For many, this is proof that he is not one of the best NBA all-time athletes.

However, this logic does not please those close to him and especially within the locker room of the Bay, his coach having notably come to his rescue after Game 1. Some of his peers have also stepped up to defend him, like Jeremy Lin who spoke out on Twitter. The former Knicks point guard explains there that he openly supports the Dubs on this series, while adding that the crazy shooter no longer has anything to prove to anyone.

Lin: ‘Curry doesn’t need Finals MVP’

I hope Steph Curry wins Finals MVP and the ring. But make no mistake, he does NOT need a Finals MVP to validate his career by any means.

Linsanity are familiar with Baby Face, having played together for one season in 2010-11, around 12 years ago. More recently, the guard was also a member of the Californians’ G-League team, before being cut and landing in China where he still plays. As for the present case, it is difficult in any case not to agree with him.

Indeed, although getting the Bill Russell trophy would be a superb achievement for Steph, he already has a breathtaking trophy cabinet with three rings, two titles of regular season MVP and high scorer . On top of that, and perhaps even more importantly, he influenced the game in a way that an NBA athlete rarely had before, kicking off a whole new era of basketball basically single-handedly. Suffice to say that we are not about to see someone imitate it anytime soon!

Jeremy Lin proclaims it loud and clear, Stephen Curry does not need the MVP of the Finals. However, we imagine that the Chef would not say no to the reward, since it would also mean that he would have won his fourth league title by beating the Celtics.

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