the first examinations confirm a very nasty injury for Zverev

the first examinations confirm a very nasty injury for Zverev

Zverev reveals more about his big ankle injury

On Instagram, Alexander Zverev gives his news and says more about the results of the first examinations on his ankle, after his big injury and his retirement against Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals.

“I am now on my way back home. According to the first medical examinations, it seems that I have several tears in the lateral ligaments of my right foot. I will be heading to Germany on Monday for further examinations and to determine the best and fastest way to recover.”

All is not lost for Coco Gauff

Defeated in the singles final, Coco Gauff is still in contention in doubles with her compatriot Jessica Pegula. The American pair will challenge the French Kristina Mladenovic and Caroline Garcia this Sunday at 11:30 a.m. on the Philippe-Chatrier court for the final. She can count on Michelle Obama’s support to carry out her mission.

Iga Swiatek equals Venus Williams with her 35th straight win

Swiatek does double duty. In addition to Roland-Garros, Iga Swiatek becomes the co-recordwoman for the longest series of victories since 2000. She joins Venus Williams with 35 victories. However, she is still far from the 74 rank successes of Martina Navratilova in 1984.

Coco Gauff on public support

“I haven’t lost that confidence but I have to bounce back from this defeat. The French public were incredible today. When they saw that I won’t win, they still supported me. I lived a great experience.”

Coco Gauff on the level of Swiatek

“She played at an incredible level, I couldn’t do anything. I will train to come back.”

Coco Gauff on her tears at the end of the match

“I hope there will be other finals. I felt a lot of emotions and I’m still in it, that’s why I cried.”

Iga Swiatek on his second coronation at Porte d’Auteuil

“When I listen to my anthem I am always very emotional. I don’t have much experience in this area. It’s completely different from my first victory. There, I knew what was going to happen. The last time I was confused. This year I worked a lot to get there, there was a lot of pressure.”

Iga Swiatek also moved during the presentation of the Suzanne-Lenglen trophy

“I told Coco not to cry and it’s me who is crying (laughs). First of all, I would like to congratulate you (Gauff, editor’s note), you did something very beautiful. I remember when I I was your age and I didn’t know what to do on the circuit. I’m sure you will come back. I would like to thank my team, without you I wouldn’t be here. You know how hard I work so thank you for everything. I would like to thank my father, I will not be in the world without him, I would like to thank my sister who is at home and to all those who have worked to get me to this level, I have done everything to return to the level of 2020 but It was very hard, the pressure was enormous. Thank you to all the fans who came. Thank you to the director of the tournament and to the FFT. I am still motivated to come here. I would also like to address Ukraine “Stay strong! From the beginning I always hoped that the situation would improve. Thank you and see you next year.”

Coco Gauff on the verge of tears after her defeat in the final

“It’s a first for me. I would like to congratulate Iga, what you are doing on the circuit is incredible. I hope that we can compete in other finals and that these will come back to me (smile). I would like to salute my team. I’m sorry that I couldn’t win this game. Thank you, I hope there will be other finals. Thanks to you who supported me even when I was behind. Thank you .”

(6-1, 6-3) – Iga Swiatek wins his second Roland-Garros

Iga Switek won this final in two sets (6-1, 6-3) against Coco Gauff overwhelmed by the event. The Pole needed an hour to win the second Roland-Garros of her career. The Pole will have lost only one set during this Parisian fortnight against Zheng in the round of 16.

(6-1, 5-3) – Iga Swiatek serves for the match

Swiatek’s coronation will wait one more game. Service for the Polish.

(6-1, 5-2) – Swiatek one step away from the title

Swiatek is only one game away from his second Roland-Garros after 2020.

(6-1, 4-2) – Swiatek goes for the title

And Swiatek continues its march forward. After unbreaking his opponent, Swiatek takes Gauff’s service and is only two games away from the final victory. Iga Swiatek has just played four games in a row.

(6-1, 3-2) – Swiatek returns to the front

Swiatek resumed his forward march and won this game on his serve. Somewhat jostled by Gauff, the native of Warsaw put the church back in the middle of the village by regaining the upper hand.

(6-1, 2-2) – The Polish break Gauff

Back to the starting point. Iga Swiatek wins this game on the service of the American and returns to two everywhere.

(6-1, 1-2) – Swiatek responds

On his service, Swiatek sets the record straight and returns to a game of Coco Gauff in this second act. Coco Gauff will try to keep her advantage on her serve.

(6-1, 0-2) – Gauff confirms his break!

The American continues and leads 2 to 0 in this second set. It’s another Coco Gauff on the Philippe-Chatrier court. Iga Swiatek, who doesn’t seem overwhelmed either, is still in management. We feel the 21-year-old player very serene.

(6-1, 0-1) – Gauff break Swiatek

Coco Gauff returns with other intentions for this second set! The American broke the Polish in the first game thanks to a foul from the world number one. The start of a new game?

Swiatek in history in case of victory

The Pole could join Venus Williams in the event of a victory. With 35 consecutive wins, she would become joint record holder for the longest winning streak since 2000.

(6-1) – First round for Swiatek

Intractable, Iga Swiatek wins the first round of this final against Coco Gauff (6-1). The step seems far too high for the 18-year-old who comes up against Swiatek’s formidable forehand. The Polish completed this first act in just 32 minutes.

(5-1) – Swiatek close to the first set

If in previous games, Coco Gauff got into trouble on her own, in this game the American can’t resist the cannon shots of the Polish, intractable on her forehand.

(4-1) – First game for Gauff

Coco Gauff finally holds her first game. Manhandled by the world number one, the American finally comes out with her head from above and wins her first game on her serve. Swiatek still retains a three-point lead in this first set.

(4-0) – Nightmarish start for Gauff

40-15 in this fourth game. Swiatek is not really worried at the moment. It’s starting to get worrying for the young Coco Gauff.

(3-0) – Swiatek continues

Too imprecise, Gauff gets into trouble on her own. If she was able to save two break points, the third was good for Swiatek. For her part, the Polish, without being transcendent, continues her flawless performance. Service Swiatek.

(2-0) – Swiatek starts strong, Gauff in the hard

Broken from the start, Coco Gauff was unable to imitate Swiatek when the Polish player was put into play. Led two games to nothing, the young American is already forced to react.

Gabriel Debru wins Roland-Garros junior!

Frenchman Gabriel Debru (16) won Roland-Garros Junior at the expense of Gilles Arnaud Bailly in two sets (7-6, 6-3). Debru, who got rid of the Belgian in 2h02, only lost a small set during his week in Paris. It was in the semi-final against the Croatian Dino Prizmic.

The Grenoble native succeeds his compatriot Luca Van Assche, winner in 2021.

18 years old and first Grand Slam final for Coco Gauff

At just 18 years old, Coco Gauff will play the first Grand Slam singles final of her young career which began in 2019. Eighth finalist at the Australian Open in 2020 and quarter-finalist at Roland-Garros 2021, Cori ou “Coco” Gauff has won two tournaments in his career: the Emilia-Romagna Open in 2021 and the Austrian Open in 2019.

34 unbeaten matches for Swiatek

She’s not world number one for nothing. Poland’s Iga Swiatek hasn’t lost since February at the Dubai tournament against Latvia’s Jelena Ostapenko. Since then, 34 victories and five consecutive tournaments have followed. Swiatek is still far from the record held by Martina Navratilova with her 74 games without the slightest setback.

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The Gauff-Swiatek final is approaching

The denouement of the female tableau is approaching. Coco Gauff and Iga Swiatek will return to the Philippe-Chatrier court at 3 p.m. for the final. Aged 18 and 21 respectively, Gauff and Swiatek have offered the final with the youngest protagonists since 1997 with Martina Hingis (16) and Iva Majoli (19)

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Gabriel Debru takes a first step towards victory!

Gabriel Debru takes the lead in this junior Roland-Garros final. The French pocketed the first round against the Belgian Gilles Arnaud Bailly (7-6).

After being unbroken by Bailly, Debru finished this round in a tie-break in just over an hour.

Frenchman Gabriel Debru plays in the junior final

After Luca van Assche last year, Roland-Garros could again be won by a French junior. Grenoble’s Gabriel Debru, 16, is currently playing in the final against Belgian Gilles Arnaud Bailly.

1-1 in the first set!

Swiatek will be the favorite

Unlike the last editions, this final brings together two major figures of women’s tennis. If Gauff (18) has never reached a Grand Slam final, she had already distinguished herself by reaching the round of 16 at the US Open in 2020 and Wimbledon in 2019.

But the favorite will be Swiatek (21), undefeated for 34 games. Winner of the 2020 edition and finalist in 2021, the Pole got rid of the Russian Daria Kasatkina in the semi-final in two sets (6-2, 6-1) and only one hour of play.

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