Emilie (Married at first sight) regrets having spoken "about certain things"

Emilie (Married at first sight) regrets having spoken “about certain things”

Since their participation in Married at first sight, Frédérick and Emilie tear each other apart. After overwhelming her ex-husband in various videos posted on Instagram, the young woman takes a step towards him…

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This Thursday, June 2, Emilie, candidate for Married at first sight, announced via her social networks that she was attacking Frédérick, her ex-husband, for defamation. During the last episode of the dating show, the couple divorced in front of the M6 ​​cameras. And since then, the two have not ceased to send spades through the media. Frédérick, for his part, revealed via interviews remarks that Emilie would have made, off cameras. Revelations that have brought the main interested party out of its hinges. The young mother chained the videos published on Instagram where she said to file a complaint against her ex. Videos deleted since. Would Emilie have remorse?

“We don’t deserve all this outpouring of hate”

The next day, this Friday, June 3, Emilie wanted to calm things down. In an Instagram story, the young woman spoke to ease tensions: “There’s a topic that bothers me really deeply. You have recently witnessed the disagreements between Frédérick and me. I told you I wouldn’t answer and yesterday during a live, I decided to answer. I had suffered a lot of repercussions for some time. This is something that I don’t agree with at all. I don’t agree because I tell myself that it doesn’t suit me. I’m not like that“, she confided. She is saddened by the proportions that their story takes. Indeed, both are now the target of violent criticism: “I don’t think that neither Frédérick nor I deserve all this outpouring of hatred on social networks, whether it’s the insults, the harassment.

“It was a great story”

Lina’s mother also suffered insults in the middle of the street: “Me for example, please when you meet me in the street, don’t insult me. It’s not nice when you come down the street and attack me for reading things.” Emilie is determined to bury the hatchet: “Despite everything, it remains that it was a beautiful story. There was a lot of love between him and me. It’s just that today our paths have separated and that’s how it is. I no longer want to talk about Frédérick. Today I really need to move forward. He is the same reciprocally, he just wants to turn the page.

“If I could hurt you, I’m sorry”

She ends up expressing some regrets, in particular concerning her recent speeches which overwhelmed Frédérick: “Yesterday I was so hurt and hurt that I spoke about some things, and I regret them. I’m sorry because I realize that people use it to hurt him. I don’t want anyone to be hurt. I would really like for my inner peace, to restore peace between him and me because I need to move forward and be in forgiveness. I want all this to stop because it weighs on my heart. I take a step towards you Frédérick, if you ever see this message, know that if I could hit you, I’m sorry, it was not my goal. I wish you good things.“Will the principal concerned respond?

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