Carla opens up about her relationship with Joezi

Carla opens up about her relationship with Joezi

By Solene V

– Published on June 03, 2022 at 15:02

Carla landed on the set of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7. And the pretty blonde got very close to Joezi. Exclusively for melty, she confided in this start of a relationship as unexpected as it was tumultuous.

The spread of The Villa of Broken Hearts 7 in full swing on TFX! Recently, the week of the exes has aroused many reactions and controversies, both among the candidates and among Internet users. And it’s Carl, Giovanni’s former flirt who made a big splash with the inhabitants of La Villa. For good reason, the young woman has a fairly tumultuous history with Cassandrathe girlfriend of John. She also wanted to warn the ex of Theo on the dubious behavior of her darling. If his words did not have the desired effect with the young coupleits passage in the emission will have at least been the occasion to make unexpected encounters, both friendly and loving. Indeed, during this week, Carl quickly approached Joezi. Exclusively for melty, she reveals that her meeting with the tattooed candidate was ” A favorite “.

“When I arrived at La Villa, I was a little shaken up. So I wasn’t really thinking about the boys.”begin by explaining Carl. She continues: “Joezi’s positivity and attitude fostered a rapprochement”. So much so that she had a real thunderbolt. She even says that “it was obvious”. Unfortunately, the pretty blonde was quickly disillusioned when the temptation week. When they kissed for the first time at a nightclub party, Joezi failed to inform her about this famous week. Which she didn’t take very well. She explains : I’ve been hurt. I’m often told that I don’t seem thrilled with Joezi. It’s not that. I just didn’t want to rush. I wanted to take it slow. […] So I was more restrained than him. So I had to let go. And when I decide to let go, two minutes later, I take a slap”. She adds that this moment really hurt her.

Carla talks about Joezi’s flirtation with Vinciane

After this quarrel between Carla and Joezi, the candidate left in the week of temptation with the other boys. Although he had promised nothing to Carl before leaving, his flirtation with another contender did not go unnoticed. “I run away from this kind of behavior”, she swings. The young woman continues: “When I saw the episode where he says ‘my little flirt with Carla who cares’, in the meantime he ran behind me, he did everything to make me open up with him. So I don’t consider it a ‘little flirtation’.”. Obviously very attached to this beginning of relationship with Joezi, Carla will probably fall from the clouds in the episodes to come. And the candidate always seems very uphill against the young man. To be continued…

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