what did the Snapchat star die of?

what did the Snapchat star die of?

BABY DRIVER. Influencer Baby Driver, real name Yacine, died of cancer, his family announced on his Instagram account on Monday. He was very active on social networks, especially on Snapchat, where he was nicknamed “the star”. His community of fans pays tribute to him.

[Mis à jour le 23 mai à 22h42] Baby Driver, the well-followed sports bettor on social networks, died at the age of 25, a victim of cancer. The announcement of his death was made by his bereaved family on his Instagram account. From his first name Yacine, was followed by more than 145,000 fans on Instagram. He was known for his activity on Snapchat, where he showed off his very risque sports shots and exposed his luxurious lifestyle. Having unearthed his pseudonym in Edgar Wright’s film of the same name, in which Ansel Elgort played, he was passionate about cars and regularly filmed himself behind the wheel. Recently, he had received a one-year suspended sentence, but also a fine of 3000 euros for one of his videos. He also had a number of detractors whom he liked to provoke in his publications. It’s a sad day for those close to the influencer.

He died at just 25 years old. He had been suffering from incurable cancer for a few months already, as announced by his family on Instagram. It was the relatives of the influencer who informed his followers of his death on social networks. They had already posted messages last week: we learned that the influencer’s condition was gradually deteriorating.

Already on May 19, his relatives had deleted all his publications to be able to communicate about his illness: “Hello everyone, Yacine’s family here. He has decided to give us his networks so that we can speak about him”, they had first posted. They wanted to thank his community for the “messages of support and love for Yacine”, but also for all the prayers. They then revealed the cause of his absence: “He has a very aggressive cancer which has been gradually winning him over the past few months in the hospital. We thank you for respecting the privacy of Yacine and his family in these extremely difficult times. painful and difficult”.

Finally, this Monday, May 23, his family announced the disastrous news on Instagram: “Hello everyone, it’s still Yacine’s family. Yacine left us…”. They insisted that their mourning and their privacy be respected: “Thank you for continuing to respect his privacy and that of his family at this time of mourning”, specifying that “the intrusive questions and searching for details'” were “unwelcome”. Scrolling through the publication, one can read prayers in Arabic, accompanied by the phrase: “We do not wish any controversy or intrusion, just prayers that Yacine rests in peace in paradise”. Internet users still wanted to comment to express their pain, their shock and their condolences.

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