'The Voice 2022': Noon looks back on his frustrating victory in the final

‘The Voice 2022’: Noon looks back on his frustrating victory in the final

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Nour alongside his coach, Florent Pagny, just after his victory this Saturday, May 21.

TELEVISION – She is the youngest winner in the history of The Voice. At only 16 years old, Nour won the eleventh season of the singing competition, this Saturday May 21 on TF1. “I didn’t think I would go that far,” she explains with a small voice. For good reason, a few days before the grand finale, Nour suffered from loss of voice. This vocal problem creates in the young singer a strong impostor syndrome.

“I find that my victory is not very fair. The other candidates performed much better than me, who couldn’t give 100%”, she laments about her three performances, the results of which are below her expectations.

Despite the obvious joy felt after the victory, “I come to wonder if I deserved it”, explains Nour. “That’s also why I didn’t really have a reaction when I won. I just didn’t understand why I was chosen,” she adds.

Nour offers victory to Florent Pagny for his last season

However, the young candidate is particularly admired by her coach, Florent Pagny. He considers Nour amply deserving. “Of all the seasons I’ve done, I’ve never had such a complete and perfect voice,” he said on Saturday May 21. “It really touches me to be described like that by Florent Pagny, it’s just crazy,” she reacts.

For his last year in The Voice, Florent Pagny declares “finishing in style” with this victory, his third in a row. Marked by the unique vibrato of the singer, the coach immediately turned around during the blind auditions while Nour interpreted “Tous les cris les SOS” by Daniel Balavoine.

“He is really great and very caring. He gave me great advice during this season”, expresses the candidate. He will have been very present during the season, especially during this last complicated week. “He was the one who told me not to sing until prime time”. Wise decision, which will have allowed him to preserve his vocal cords before D-Day, but which will also have put additional pressure on him. “If we don’t train, we have no idea what it’s going to be like on the evening of the live. It’s really scary,” she explains. “It’s like going on stage with your eyes closed, without really knowing where to go,” continues the candidate.

And this last evening of The Voice did not help the state of his voice. “It’s worse now that the final is over. I feel that I have forced on my voice”, she admits. “But I much prefer that this is the case after the final than before,” she relativizes immediately.

For her last evening, Nour performed “Vole” by Céline Dion, and “Shallow” by Lady Gaga, two very technical titles, already difficult to embody with an intact voice. So with weakened vocal cords, the young singer had to redouble her efforts.

Two winners of Florent Pagny reunited on stage

Nour also went on stage with Slimane, another winner of the show, who also offered victory to Florent Pagny, in 2016. Both of them sang an original title by the singer, “Avant toi”, which he originally shares with Vitaa. A highlight for the young singer. “He’s an artist that I adore, and that I’ve been following for a long time,” she says.

Finally, the big winner will still have managed to take advantage of this eleventh final of The Voice. “I said to myself ‘this is the last time I’m going on stage on the show, I have to take advantage'”. So the candidate gave everything she could, and it paid off. “This victory will always remain etched in my memory,” she concludes.

Nour also went through The Voice Kids in 2019. Two years later, she landed on the set again and left with the “adult version” trophy. The circle is complete.

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