102-82 victory, Miami had forgotten its glasses

102-82 victory, Miami had forgotten its glasses

De-ci-sive Game 4 in this series between the Heat and the Celtics. If Miami were to win, it would put a big blow to Boston’s chances of reaching the NBA Finals. Fortunately, we had the right to an ultra tight match that will go down in the history of the Playoffs… no, we’re kidding, big banging inflicted by the locals on a South Beach team completely off the mark.

For the boxscore of the match, it’s HERE!

Come on, we’re all hot, let’s go for this fourth game of the Eastern Finals, hello the challenge whether it’s for the Heat or the Celtics. We warn you right away, there is one of the two teams that integrated it perfectly from the start of the game. It’s up to you to figure out which one it is, but here’s a hint: it starts with a B and ends with -oston. Despite the absence of Marcus Smart due to a painful ankle, there is no question of losing this match, we pull out our guts and give everything. It’s not that Beantown is particularly strong from the start, it’s rather that the Heat are historically clumsy. Dear Miami players, please open your eyelids before shooting, because it’s been nine minutes and fourteen attempted shots before Victor Oladipo finally finds the circle. No successful shot before 3:22 in the first quarter, no one has done worse in the Playoffs in the last 25 years, hats off to the boys. Moreover, the Vic ‘is the only guy who sticks his head out of the water on the Florida side, since he is at 18 points out of the 33 of his clique halfway through. Jimmy Butler is still limited by his knee, Max Strus sees three hoops, Kyle Lowry must quickly consult to afford binoculars and Bam Adebayo has forgotten that the ball should go in the basket. Symbol of this offensive fuel starvation, Erik Spoelstra even launches Duncan Robinson. Ay Caramba… in line with his family, Dun’ sends two or three planes before quickly leaving where he came from, there is no question of making the TD Garden an airport. At the Celtics, therefore, Jayson Tatum is thermostat 14, it feels good after a completely filthy Game 3. 24 points for the Jay bro at the break, it’s hot. Robert Williams III is an architect – project manager – worker in the racket, and if you haven’t understood, we mean by this that the guy is doing a monstrous project and that Miami can’t change anything about it. Logically, the gap at halftime is already titanic, and by titanic we mean a Jay Tatum gap, or 24 points in favor of Boston.

Quite complex to explain why the Heat wallowed so miserably when he had a cartridge to set foot in the NBA Finals. We felt fatigue, a lot of fatigue: defensively, the area took on water without it having been modified on the bottom. Victor Oladipo was in good shape in the first period, this is no longer relevant in the second act. Like Vic ‘, all Heat players seem washed. Admittedly, we had to give it very very intensely in defense and especially to ensure in attack, but there it is two radically opposite faces that Miami presented between Saturday and this evening. The address will not come from all the part huh, but it was necessary to suspect it. Jimmy Butler, the star of South Beach, seems really bothered by his knee: shots taken with difficulty, refusal to play the percussion, lack of dynamism… it’s not joy. Come on, we must highlight the work of the Celtics who casually played their game, serious from start to finish. Of course, when the adversary shows up washed up, it helps a lot but hey, let’s give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Jayson Tatum was hot in the first half? He finished the job quietly, it gives 31 points, eight rebounds and five assists, clean and efficient. We also send a high five to Al Horford. Like Oladipo in Game 3, he put out a boss performance without being the blackest line on the stats board: five points, thirteen rebounds and four blocks. Very tough defence, enormous physical impact in general… 35 years and more rods than 99% of young people under 25 years old, it’s that he does more than resistance there. And at the game level? Well there are five minutes left and the Spo’ sends the bottom of his bench to take in the sun a little. Finished, thank you but not thank you for this non-match, if we had known we would probably have stayed in the sack.

You have chosen to stay in the company of Morpheus, don’t worry because on the NBA side, you won’t have missed much. Boston comes back to 2-2 in the series before the return of hostilities in Florida, but it’s a success as wide in score as it is boring for us orange ball fans. We hope to be entitled to a pure match in Miami, because there it starts to do well to watch games without suspense.

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