Paga, Océane, Adixia… These emblematic candidates who succumbed to the scalpel!

Paga, Océane, Adixia… These emblematic candidates who succumbed to the scalpel!

Each week, some viewers of W9 enthusiastically follow the “Apprentis Aventuriers 5” led by Laurent Maistret. For this new edition, the channel has once again pulled out all the stops when it comes to casting! Indeed, Jessica Thivenin and Thibaut Garcia are in the game. Just like Paga and his darling Giuseppa. Without forgetting Adixia and Simon Castaldi. But also Nicolo, Virginie, and Adrien. Impossible to ignore Marwa and Kelegh and the El Himer sisters. And that’s not all !

Christopher des Ch’tis also responded. But lately, some of them have had the merit of hitting the headlines. Like Jessica Thivenin… because of her physical appearance. On the Web, many of his admirers criticized him for displaying a strangely “frozen” face during the show. In the midst of turmoil, the happy mother of two children wanted to explain herself on this subject.

“That’s why I look like a grapefruit…”

“My face redone, it traumatizes you. Relax, okay”had fun the pretty blonde. “To come back to my swollen face, it’s because two days before (the shooting) I had just had an injection, that’s why I look like a grapefruit”. The young woman has always been transparent about her cosmetic surgery. In the past, Nikola Lozina’s ex-girlfriend performed breast augmentation.

In the process, she also touched up her nose, chin, mouth, buttocks and cheekbones! Adixia, the girlfriend of Simon Castaldi is also a fan of the scalpel. As a reminder, the famous reality TV candidate has mainly redone her chest and her nose. Her lips have also become much fuller thanks to the hyaluronic acid injections. And she ignores criticism from her haters. “After a while, they will get tired and stop criticizing me,” analyzed the influencer for PureBreak.“Anyway it doesn’t bother me and that’s not why I’m not going to do surgery anymore. I am a superficial person and I will remain superficial”.

As for the El Himer sisters, Marine and Océane have always paid close attention to their image. On a daily basis, the duo inspires their admirers with their lifestyle to stay on top. In any case, the two protected Magali Berdah have several times passed on the billiards to erase (in their eyes) some physical defects. In the past, they fell for rhinoplasty. The two brunettes have also increased the volume of their buttocks. Ditto for the chest and the lips. Note also that their cheekbones and eyelids have mysteriously changed.

“I just took off the thickness that I had…”

Some Twittos assure that they would also have retouched their thighs and that liposuction would have been performed out of sight. As for Paga, he decided to refine the shape of his nose. “I just took off the thickness I had, like a boxer to take back my natural nose, the one I had at 12-13 when it wasn’t broken,” he revealed as underlined Pure People.

Let’s move on to his darling, the unmissable Giuseppa. The mistress of Rusk and Brioche only had breast surgery. “I already did my chest, a long time ago. I am 18 years old. I wasn’t doing reality TV yet. I didn’t have time to think. I did not have the perspective to accept my small breasts. I wouldn’t do it again for anything in the world”. Now, the ex of Illan Castronovo thoroughly advocates the natural. No more filters and pretenses on social networks.

“In our world of reality TV, we tend to trivialize surgery, to promote it on our social networks, to pretend that doing cosmetic surgery is like going to buy a chicken breast”said Giuseppa on the Web. “It’s something you have to think about for years before doing it”. It is said !


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