Nadal and Djoko at work, the French in the bath, the program for Monday May 23

Nadal and Djoko at work, the French in the bath, the program for Monday May 23

A sad first Sunday on the French side, as was to be expected, and already a small explosion in the women’s table with the elimination of Ons Jabeur, who was nevertheless a credible outsider (the only one?) to ultra-domination from Swiatek for weeks. Let’s see what awaits us for Monday at Roland-Garros.

The Central popcorn poster

Last year, she had been at the origin of the mini-scandal of the fortnight by abandoning the tournament on the verge of a nervous breakdown, causing a tasty backpedaling of the authorities which had taunted her at first before merging into apologies. Naomi Osaka has promised, this year “she is no longer afraid” of the gaze of people and journalists, even if “she is ready” in case people insult her like in Indian Wells”.

No, what worries the Japanese is above all the hot ball which again gave her Anisimova scratching. The American had beaten her in Australia, and the former world number 1 describes her “as the worst opponent she could face. Yum.

Today’s favorites

The condition of his left foot has been the subject of all concerns since the Rome tournament, so much so that Rafael Nadal’s personal doctor made the trip to Roland to pamper the bruised bones of the Iberian legend. So we will particularly scrutinize Rafa’s first match in the third rotation on the Central against the (not at all) formidable Australian Jordan Thompson. Djokovic will inaugurate his side the first night session in full gauge against Nishioka at a time when the campaign darkens.

We are not too worried about the Polish Swiatek, with her 72,000 consecutive victories on the circuit, nor for Raducanu, even if the British pearl takes difficult paths to follow sometimes. She will be opposed to the Czech Noskova.

The French of the day

A gaggle, and that’s good considering we’re still in the first round. Let’s start with those to whom we wish it very good. Thus Diane Parry, who has just entered the top 100, will have on paper a duel of madness to negotiate against last year’s finalist Barbora Krejcikova. But beware, the latter has not set foot on the court for three months between injuries and some mental fatigue.

Draw no gift either for Manuel Guinard who will have to wrestle with Cameron Norrie, big land specialist. But the Breton comes out of a good tournament in Lyon and he has quite a decanter… a bit like Benoît Paire, from whom we don’t know what to expect against Ivashka on the Serres court. Who else ? Gasquet, semi-finalist in Geneva, has an affordable match against Harris, and we are curious to see if Océane Dodin can manage against Petkovic.

Today’s weather

Obviously, after a month of sunshine and the drought that goes with it, the rain had to show up for Roland. A lot of interruptions to be expected in the afternoon, where it should fall hard, even if we should see tennis.

The daring tip of the day

What if Coco Moutet went to get us Stan Wawrinka physically? The Frenchman, a little on the street this year, only owes his presence to a wild card, but he knows how to put on a show when he shows up at Porte d’Auteuil. In 2020, in a processional atmosphere, he played shove-baballe for more than 6 hours against an Italian qualifier, and last year, he lasted 4:26 against Djere in a nightclub atmosphere before losing behind closed doors. closed, the fault of this damn curfew. Faced with the Swiss bison, who had the courage to return at 37 despite yet another serious injury, it smells good on the betting sites.

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