Mbappé stays at PSG: 'Kylian has stayed at PSG for the next three seasons, it's very important for us, Ligue 1 and France'

Mbappé stays at PSG: ‘Kylian has stayed at PSG for the next three seasons, it’s very important for us, Ligue 1 and France’

This is the end of this press conference

We haven’t learned much about the figures of the contract, but by the admission of Mbappé and Al-Khelaïfi, it was not the most important.

Mbappé clarified that he was not becoming a sporting director and why he chose to stay in France, his country.

On image rights, Mbappé’s fight

“Before this rally in March, no one did an article on image rights. It took that for it to become a subject. But we talked about a sports project for months and money for 5 minutes.”

“Football has changed. There’s a new wave that’s come and it’s just giving scrutiny to our name and what it’s associated with. I don’t want to revolutionize football, I already haven’t a lot to worry about managing my career. But we will solve this problem quickly with intelligence and respect.”

NAK: Kylian stayed 5 years with us and Kylian respects all contracts, partnerships…


NAK: “We never gave the figures, but it was not the most important, the most important was the sporting project. The money, the club in Spain could have paid more.”

A message for Real supporters?

“I want to thank them, they have always accepted me as one of their own. I understand their disappointment, but I hope they will understand that I am staying in my country and as a Frenchman I want to help my country and make grow the championship.”

NAK: “We weren’t sure, but we always believed in Kylian, in his family”

“We have built something very strong between us since day one. Maybe you don’t understand it now but you will understand it later that it’s positive for the club, the championship, France.”

On the attacks of Tebas

“Our Ligue 1 president is Vincent Labrune. He can answer you better. But it may be a good thing if Ligue 1 is doing better than La Liga. We have respect for everyone. We are focused on our club, our league, our best player in the world, that’s the most important thing for me.”

Mbappe captain? Not immediately.

“He deserves his armband. I don’t need to be a captain to be heard and set an example on the pitch. Marquinhos is a great player and a very good captain. He is very important for us.”

“How important are the roles of Neymar and Messi?”

“Whether it’s PSG or Real Madrid, these are clubs that don’t need convincing. For any player, it’s an honor to play in one of these two clubs. It’s sure that playing with great players that’s what I wanted. We had a difficult year, but we talked a little but not a lot because they told me that it was a personal choice and that they understood it and I thanks.”

“I made my decision last week”

“I made the decision to announce it before announcing it to PSG to call the president Florentino Perez.”

Why this turnaround in a year

“Leaving my country like that… There is this sentimental side… And also the project has changed. The club has changed a lot of things sportingly and I think my story is not over.”

Mbappé is not a sports director

Mbappé: “I remain a football player, I remain anchored in a collective, I remain a football player and I would not go beyond this function.

The full sporting powers of Kylian Mbappé?

“I’m going to be very honest with you: from day one we talk about football with his family. That’s what I like about him, we always talk about football. When we come here, we come here because it’s is Paris and he’s coming to win a lot of trophies.”

The last difficult weeks for Kylian?

“Of course it weighs, because it was a difficult decision, but I took refuge in my football, where I am good and what I know how to do.”

“Kylian has stayed at PSG for the next three seasons, it’s very important for us, Ligue 1 and France”

NAK’s first words. “Kylian has stayed at PSG for the next three seasons, it’s very important for us, Ligue 1 and France. This choice is a very strong sign, we are keeping the best player in the world.”

“He stays here because Paris puts him in condition to achieve his sporting goals: win, win and win.”

And here are Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and Kylian Mbappé

In a thunder of cameras

The Mbappé clan arrives in the room

We are now waiting for Kylian and NAK.

Huge crowd in the auditorium of the Parc des Princes

The media from all over the world are there, especially from Spain.

Start of the press conference scheduled for 3 p.m.

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Mbappé has already spoken at 8 p.m. on TF1

Kylian Mbappé has already spoken on the 8 p.m. television news on TF1. It was almost a year ago to the day: May 18, 2021. The expectation was great about this speech. But the attacker had made great confessions about his future. He had simply expressed his ambition to make the World Cup-Euro double.

The Spanish media will follow Mbappé’s press conference with great attention

Kylian Mbappé’s press conference, with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, this Monday from 3 p.m. will be particularly followed in Spain where the media cannot digest the striker’s decision to extend to PSG. The speech of the French international will be broadcast during the program El Chiringuito.

Which recruits at Real to forget Mbappé?

Repelled by Kylian Mbappé, Real Madrid could quickly start looking for a new substitute striker to compensate for the defection of the Parisian striker. From Sadio Mané to Robert Lewandowski via Darwin Núñez and Rafael Leão, high-sounding and/or promising names are put forward by the Madrid press.

>> The tracks of Real to forget Mbappé

The jackpot that Monaco will receive thanks to Mbappé’s extension

Kylian Mbappé’s contract extension in Paris, signed on Saturday, automatically lifts the last financial bonus of the agreement signed in August 2017 between PSG and Monaco as part of his transfer. His training club will receive 35 million euros.

>> Details of the bonus received by Monaco thanks to the extension of Mbappé

The payment of this sum was indeed linked to a clause, having a good chance of being activated: that Mbappé be transferred to another club or that he extend his contract in Paris.

The bravest are already in front of the Park

In the rain, around thirty supporters were already present in front of the red carpet at the Parc des Princes.

The first Parisian supporters in front of the Parc des Princes
The first Parisian supporters in front of the Parc des Princes © @RMCSport

PSG calls on supporters to meet Mbappé after the press conference

Crowd bath guaranteed, even if the weather isn’t ideal at Porte de St-Cloud.

Emery: ‘The timing hasn’t been good for football’

Former PSG coach for the arrival of Kylian Mbappé at the club, Unai Emery spoke about the choice of his former striker to stay in Paris and therefore not to join Real Madrid, a choice which obviously caused a stir in Spain . And the current coach of Villarreal does not only have praise for his former protege. “It’s very personal. I really appreciate the kid but he (his choice, editor’s note) came too late. The moment was not good for football.” A soap opera whose last episode has decidedly had a hard time getting to Spain.

>> All the information on the declaration of Emery

Mbappé has already spoken this weekend

Before doing so in the media on Monday, Kylian Mbappé has already spoken this weekend about his contract extension. He started by taking the microphone at the Parc des Princes before the match against Metz (5-0). “I am very happy to continue the adventure and to stay in France here in my city, declared the crack of Bondy in front of a Parc des Princes to the angels. I have always said that Paris is my home. And I hope that I will continue to do what I love the most: playing football and winning trophies with all of you.”

He also posted several messages on his social networks, including one to Real Madrid on Sunday. “I also wanted to sincerely thank Real Madrid and its president Florentino Perez. I recognize the chance and the privilege that were mine to be the greed of such an institution. I suspect their disappointment. It is up to my hesitations. I will be their first supporter for the Champions League final in Paris, at home. I am very happy to be able to continue to evolve in France, the country where I was born, grew up and flourished. And which gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.”

A long day in front of the media

Kylian Mbappe will speak to the media this Monday, the day after its extension at PSG. The 23-year-old striker will hold a press conference at the Parc des Princes auditorium from 3 p.m. Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the president of the capital club, will be alongside the 2018 world champion to discuss with journalists. Bondy’s crack will then give an interview to Gilles Bouleau during the 8 p.m. news on TF1.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our live to follow Kylian Mbappé’s long day, two days after the announcement of his extension from PSG. The attacker will speak twice. He will first hold a press conference at the Parc des Princes from 3 p.m. before explaining his choice again during the 8 p.m. television news on TF1.

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