Françoise Hardy : ses révélations en fin de vie !

Jacques Dutronc: faced with a tragic end, what he said to Françoise Hardy at the end of her suffering life

Françoise Hardy has been in a critical state of health for several years now. Her illness made her quite fragile, to the point that she made shocking announcements. Some of his secrets on the subject have also turned the singer’s fans upside down. What would be his wishes at the end of life? We come back for you on these declarations which did not fail to surprise more than one. The details !

Françoise Hardy: A serious illness she is facing!

It was last 2019 that Françoise Hardy decided to reveal the details of her illness. Indeed, the latter is suffering from a serious pathology which results in a fairly aggressive cancer. The latter has also spread rapidly in his body. This makes treatment quite difficult. As indicated by the French singer, it is these treatments that have most devastated her body. Enough to leave the latter with nasal bleeding, pain and other inconveniences.

Faced with such a deterioration in her state of health, Françoise Hardy therefore had to end her career. The singer shared her inability to sing due to pain she felt in her throat. For her, it is therefore one more loss. But the hardest part comes when his condition deteriorates even more. His confidences with those close to him did not go unnoticed. Especially since she is very close to Jacques and Thomas Dutronc.

Living conditions very difficult to bear

We all know that losing her voice is one of the difficult times for Françoise Hardy. We must not forget that the latter is one of the renowned singers for several French generations. But if loss of voice and use of normal throat been very difficult for her, it’s not the only problem she faces. Know for example that she must follow a rather special diet now!

“I can’t swallow much anymore, and preparing the same food that I can swallow takes me more than 5 hours a day” can be discovered in his various statements. This is therefore a very difficult situation for her. Françoise Hardy, however, can only face it while trying to resume treatment as best she can bear it.

Françoise Hardy: startling revelations?

As you will have understood, Françoise Hardy is going through a particularly painful end of life. This affects his current life as much as his health. What sometimes push her to want to make an irreversible decision. Indeed, the singer has already considered euthanasia which would allow him to take off without pain and programmed. But in the meantime, the practice remains prohibited in France.

On the side of his relatives, Françoise Hardy has already explained his choice. Indeed, the suffering is so severe that even her companion understands this wish that she harbors. Unfortunately, for the moment, the singer must wait for the evolution of her health.

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