Florent Pagny frappé par cancer : abandonné par ses enfants ? cette rupture douloureuse…

his radical decision to preserve his parents

In his songs, we already realized that Florent Pagny was sensitive. However, with his parents, it’s even worse!

SOS Florent Pagny in distress!

It is now official. While he was filming the blind auditions, Florent Pagny learned the worst news of his sixty years of existence. Suffering from a tumor, he did not know immediately if it was operable or not. We can imagine to what extent he had the feeling of find yourself in a kind of fog”. Admittedly, he had had doubts since nasty fits of coughing did not pass or worsened. However, it was light years away from imagining the verdict of the specialists. After a few months of intensive combined chemotherapy and X-rays, did he come out of this ” between two worlds ” ? The answer, Objeko give it to you right away!

Where is Florent Pagny?

We know it. The filming of The Voice has two phases. The first runs from October to January. It concerns the identification of talents as well as the first battles. During the latter, we were able to discover Florent Pagny as we have always known him. Dressed to the nines, we identify him among a thousand with his nice hairstyles. Alas, with the approach of the semi-final, the fans dread seeing his new appearance. Organized in the spring, it had plenty of time to start the protocol. Noting that his hair is falling out, he pulls out the clipper and imitates his BFF Pascal Obispo. Serious in his treatment, respecting to the letter the directives of the doctors, he is happy to tell us that his ” tumor the size of a kiwi turned into a nut“!

Last night, Florent Pagny’s iron will again bore fruit. Thanks to Nour, a former tele-hook for children under 16, he won all the votes. Behind the scenes, he is aware that a last visit to the hospital awaits him. Anxious not to read this information in the press, he remains transparent about the rest of the operations. We will have understood without him drawing us, he is impatient to put an end to this sanitary ordeal. Moreover, of his own free will, he tells our colleagues about his schedule. “JI’m going to fix myself, enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and it’s a chance. I will check regularly during these six months of break. Then I will come back. » Objeko can’t wait!

A deafening silence

When you are sick, the support of loved ones is crucial. If you’re not in good spirits, everything can fall apart and turn sour. Become in spite of him an example for the other victims of the cancer, he also wanted to thank the anonymous. Without the unfailing support of his family, he could have let go of everything and sunk into depression. Against all odds, only his wife and two children were allowed to approach him. His parents were simply out of the question. In 2016, with Marc-Olivier Fogiel, his mother Odile reports how she detected his talent. » He sang very well. I was stunned when I heard it in the bathroom. I wanted him to go to the conservatory, I insisted on having him audition. He was 15 years old. “The rest, we know it!

What fly stung him? Why did he orchestrate such a rejection? Our colleagues from Closer specify that it is only to avoid anguish and sadness. Motivated to heal as quickly as possible, Florent Pagny just asked them for this favor and not another. Of course, it was complicated not being able to take refuge in her mother’s petticoats and her father’s armor. However, this summer, a reunion in Biarritz is already planned.

Everything lights up!

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Faced with such a philosophy, Objeko hallucinates, but ends up understanding the leitmotif of the singer of Know how to love. Aged 85 respectively, his goal was to protect them and not to reject them. In the midst of a pandemic and with the rapid spread of variants, who would have happened if one of them had had COVID?

Thank you to our colleagues from Closer and Gala

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