Hackers take over Beeple's Twitter account to scam people

Hackers take over Beeple’s Twitter account to scam people

  • Hackers take control of Beeple’s Twitter account.
  • Two scams were launched on the occasion of NFT’s downfall.
  • Victims have lost $400,000 so far.

Hackers also started a fake NFT deposit which ended up scamming people and stealing around $400,000 in crypto.

The artist mentioned in his tweet that the piracy was under control while thanking VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk and his team for their help. Beeple also shared another tweet in the thread saying,

Be careful, anything too good to be true is a scam. And as a side note, there will never be a SURPRISE MINT that I mention only once in one place from 6am on Sunday.

People have lost a lot of money during these scams, an example is a fan who tweeted saying “Unfortunately I was scammed by clicking too fast in the tweet, I know I was too stupid to believe into something like that, but will there be any help for us? I can provide the TXN ID and everything else. It’s all my savings. »

Unfortunately for the scammers, cybersecurity researchers have started warning Twitter users about this scam. Harry.eth, a person who works on the security of the MetaMask wallet, warned cryptocurrency investors who clicked on the link and connected their wallets would end up initiating a smart contract that would take 1 ETH from their account. .

Yet, according to harry.eth, the scammers managed to steal $438,000 in cryptocurrencies with these two scams for just five hours.


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