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Florent Pagny (The Voice): Nour confides in the behavior of the singer, despite the disease

The grand finale of the eleventh season of The Voice took place this Saturday, May 21, 2022. Breathtaking performances that impressed more than one. The five grand finalists fought hard in a tough battle! The verdict of the juries fell and it was the young Nour who won the victory. Having been trained by Florent Pagny, she can’t help but thank him! Interviewed by Télé Star after this glory, here is what she noted about her coach during this memorable adventure!

Florent Pagny: Nour’s statements about him

Despite his battle with cancer, Florent Pagny has never shown any sign of weakness when it comes to professionalism. Nour, the winner of the eleventh season of The Voice was the witness. Indeed, she said that her coach invested a lot in her training throughout this adventure! Indeed, we can see that the singer is a very strong person and who does not allow himself to be destabilized by anything.

Nour said everyone was worried about him when the horrific announcement was made. However, their fear as well as their concern vanished when they saw Florent Pagny! Indeed, they found him in great shape, full of dynamism and while wearing this magnificent contagious smile. The winner of The Voice season 11 has not stopped complimenting him by portraying him in the best way possible. “He is an extraordinary man […] it is incredible“, she confided to Télé Star.

For the singer, his relationship with the public and his friends have not changed

Florent Pagny is known for his frankness, his sociability but also on its ability to relax the atmosphere. And the singer proved it well during his first appearance with a shaved head. Her chemo treatment left her with no other choice but to sport that Jedi master hair style, as Nikos found. Obviously, it was a joke and he took it well. Amel Bent did not even bother to add that he looks like the professor in X-Men.

Basically, Florent Pagny’s illness has in no way changed his complicity with his friends. Absolutely nothing has changed. Despite the many supports that the public and the other artists have expressed to him, the singer wants their relationship not to change. He doesn’t want anyone to pity him. This particularly affected Nikos Aliagas. “You are a fighter”, he had declared!

Florent Pagny: he remains strong despite everything!

Despite his illness and his physical change, Florent Pagny remains super active behind the scenes. If on the networks it may seem to be tiring, it is not at all the case that we see it in real life. Indeed, Nour even pointed out that he did indeed seem to be in great shape, very happy and very happy even. At least, that’s what we see on the outside. As they say, looks can be deceiving and no one knows the inner battles a person faces!

Even being sick, Florent Pagny remains confident and fulfilled his role jury of The Voice until the end. He is a committed coach, who has given everything to ensure that his proteges will go far in their adventure! And he rightly proved it with Nour, who won the DD victory in season 11 of The Voice. The singer was a very important support to him.

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