Big question mark on Milik's future at OM!

Big question mark on Milik’s future at OM!

Author of a mixed season for his first full year at the club, Arkadiusz Milik is now in full reflection about his future. Still under contract with the Olympian club, the striker would be wondering about his future according to information from the team, especially if Jorge Sampaoli continues the adventure at OM. However, not so sure that the Polish international is overwhelmed with proposals.

It is now certain, Marseille will be in LDC next season after the incredible outcome that occurred on the last day which returned their second place to the Olympians. From now on, Pablo Longoria will have to build a team capable of competing in this competition and satisfying his coach, Jorge Sampaoli. In addition to arrivals, the Spanish leader will have to manage departures and find exit doors for players dissatisfied with this season. Among them, we could well find Arek Milik who after a season which oscillated between injury, bench and tensions with his coach, would ask questions about his future at Olympique de Marseille.

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Milik wants to compete in the C1 next season!

According to information from theTeam, the former Neapolitan would be in full reflection on his fate. Aware that Sampaoli is not a big fan of his profile and that he finds it difficult to blend in with the collective and the tactics established by the Argentine coach, Milik does not wish to relive a season similar to this one. An extension of Jorge Sampaoli could therefore encourage him to look elsewhere.

Nevertheless, still according to the Team, the Polish international would like to play in the C1 next season. With a season where he has not always been at the top, Milik is not sure that another club which competes in the competition with big ears will come forward for him, which could encourage him to continue the adventure in Marseille. .

Injuries and disagreements with Sampaoli!

A player with a fragile reputation, Milik was injured again, missing the start of the season and then regaining his starting position, he struggled to blend into the collective and the system of Jorge Sampaoli. This is where the first tensions arose between the former Neapolitan and the Argentine. Placed on the bench, having to settle for a few minutes per game, Milik sent messages via statements to his coach who replied to him through the press. From now on, despite the end of the season when he no longer plays, the Polish international no longer regains his efficiency and the dialogue always seems complicated with his coach. For Massilia 1978, all these reasons could push Milik to leave Canebière this summer.

“The real question today is can Milik stay under Sampaoli? And that I don’t believe. I think what happened in January and February with the interposed press declarations which hurt the player, who reacted afterwards on canal+ etc… More entries 4 or 5 minutes from the end, it was the case at Feyenoord and Lyon, I think that when you are a high level player who is 28 years old, I think it leaves traces so Milik-Sampaoli I don’t believe it. » Massilia 1978 – Source: Football Club Marseille (09/05/2022)

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