Anne Depétrini makes rare secrets about her former couple with Ramzy Bédia (VIDEO)

Anne Depétrini makes rare secrets about her former couple with Ramzy Bédia (VIDEO)

Anne Depétrini is the guest of Jordan De Luxe on his show At Jordan’s. The actress and TV host notably confided in her relationship with Ramzy Bédia, which ended in 2011. She remembers their meeting and also explains the difficulties that had to be faced at the time.

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Anne Depetrini began to make a name for herself in the mid-1990s, thanks in particular to her role as Miss Weather on Canal+. Later, she was associated with the pundits of the encrypted channel, in particular Philippe Gildas in the show another newspaperbut also and above all to Alain Chabat, for the game Burger Quiz. She also distinguished herself in comedy. Without forgetting his inevitably media idyll with Ramzy Bedia. The couple, who shared twelve years together, sometimes mixed private and professional life. Like when the two former lovebirds teamed up on the feature film Is there any ham left? in 2010, of which she was the director, while her spouse held the role of author. This film was also inspired by their own experience, between culture shock and the love life of thirty-something city dwellers.

Anne Depétrini recounts her meeting with Ramzy Bédia

It is precisely on this rather intimate aspect that the interested party was questioned by Jordan De Luxe, in her appointment At Jordan’s. Anne Depétrini notably explained that she met Eric Judor’s sidekick at the Cannes Film Festival. “It was Nagui who introduced us and that’s it”, she summarizes briefly, before indicating that love at first sight was not immediate. If she confesses that he was her type of man (“tall skinny”), the actress adds that it is rather Ramzy who “discreetly” took the initiative. “We exchanged numbers. He didn’t do amazing things to me, but he made me come to the set of Hwhich he was shooting at the time”she recalls.

“In the street, at the time, he couldn’t take three steps…”

Together, the two troublemakers had two children, girls named Ella and Ava. first names which are the fruit of a “agreement”. It is also proof of a love that has not dried up for a long time. But the story ended in 2011. It must be said that the status of Anne Depetrini and that of Ramzy Bédia have never been the same. Their romance suffered from this, as the interested party finally explains: “It happened at a time when he was exploding and me it was the end of Canal. I stopped working in 2002. It was a little more complicated for my ego because I was no longer at the TV. And he really has an impressive notoriety. In the street, at the time, he couldn’t take three steps… There wasn’t room for two. It was complicated to exist. I never had a delirious notoriety. Already that, I had trouble ingesting it”. However, Anne Depétrini concludes: “It’s not notoriety that kills a couple. It ends when it has to end”.

The entire show At Jordan’s with Anne Depétrini is to be discovered in our video above.

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