Alessandra Sublet in tears, her touching farewell live (TF1).

Alessandra Sublet in tears, her touching farewell live (TF1).

This Friday, May 20, Alessandra Sublet said goodbye to the TF1 show “C’est Canteloup”, a moving moment.

In a recent interview with Parisian, Alessandra Sublet announced the end of her career as a TV host. This time it’s final, said the one who was part of the jury for the third season of Mask Singer alongside Anggun, Kev Adams and Jarry. I take off my TV presenter costume.

Alessandra Sublet age

At TF1, we were not very surprised. In December, Ara Aprikian and I had a conversation. I told him of my desire to try new adventures. I have always had his support and I am attached to this chain. When I make a choice, it’s because I have carefully considered it. No argument can make me change my mind.

No more Canteloup, Mystery Duos, Naked Stars and the Grand Concours des Animateurs, Alessandra Sublet now wants to turn to comedy. She recently had the opportunity to discover this art by playing in the TV movie “Handi Gang” with Théo Curin. On set this summer, I felt a lot of things. I was delighted with this new challenge.

Then I wondered if I still had so much fun on a television set. At 45, I can’t continue hosting if my heart doesn’t beat so hard. I prefer to take a real risk and try different projects, she explains.

A page turns

His adventure in It’s Canteloup therefore ended on Friday, May 20. Alessandra Sublet said goodbye to the famous comedy show broadcast on TF1. With a smile on her face, she thanked the whole team for these incredible years. I salute you. I embrace all the Canteloup and Nicolas teams, a big thank you for these four years, she said. Now, time for new adventures!

Alessandra Sublet looks back on her performance in The Voice (TF1)

After deciding to hang up her host gloves in the locker room to devote herself to comedy, Alessandra Sublet had to replace presenter Nikos Aliagas, who was suffering, last Saturday on the show The Voice, The most beautiful voice.

During her performance, the former Star Academy host had strongly encouraged her. You are on top, he had commented on Twitter before asking him to take care of the talents and the beloved coaches.

The presenter of C’est Canteloup Alessandra Sublet and actress in the TF1 TV movie Handigang, decided to speak about her one-time appearance on the show in four photos posted on her Instagram account. The photos show her behind the scenes of the TF1 show.

We can see her with the coaches Florent Pagny, Vianney, Marc Lavoine, Nolwenn Leroy, as well as the semi-finalists of the show. It was not planned but here I am last night in the front row of a big concert and I was like a kid!

I’m not surprised by the success of @thevoice_tf1, the talent of these young artists is undeniable and I met Madame Solidarity on this set.

Alessandra Sublet: Madame humanity and Madame humility. What beautiful values ​​and that is also television. Thank you dear friends for your messages!

I’m waiting for you for the final in front of my TV next Saturday!

Alessandra Sublet

Thank you dear coach for your kindness, she wrote, visibly delighted with her performance as well as this experience which will remain forever etched in her mind.

But rest assured, Nikos Aliagas fans, because he should be back to present the program next Saturday during the finale of The Voice.

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