a report on the surgeon of the stars scandalizes Internet users

a report on the surgeon of the stars scandalizes Internet users

This Sunday, May 22, a report on the star of the scalpel in Seven to Eight scandalized internet users.  TF1 screen capture

This Sunday, May 22, a report on the star of the scalpel in Seven to Eight scandalized internet users. TF1 screen capture

“Sept à Huit” was back on TF1 this Sunday, May 22. One of the reports of the day centered on the plastic surgeon of the stars, Benjamin Azoulay, and his accusers. By discovering these images, Internet users were scandalized by these excesses of cosmetic surgery.

This Sunday, May 22, Harry Roselmack was at the controls of a new number of “Seven to Eight”. On the program for this evening: journey to the future, the star of the scalpel and his accusers, as well as the extravagances of the king dogs. To close the show, the TF1 teams devoted their portrait of the week to Caroline Darian. However, it is the subject of reality TV stars and cosmetic surgery that has unleashed passions. For the past few months, the star surgeon, Benjamin Azoulay, has found himself in turmoil.

Discover the portrait of Harry Roselmack:

Some of his patients nearly died from injections in the buttocks. Luna Skye, a reality TV candidate, denounced the practices deemed “illegal” and “unconscious” of this celebrity surgeon. According to her words, the latter would have “operated” on her in Dubai, on the bed of one of her friends, Maeva Ghennam. No protocol, nor even hygiene instructions would have been respected, especially since Benjamin Azoulay does not have the right to operate in Dubai. A few months after this increase in the buttocks, where the surgeon would have injected 36 syringes in each buttock, the young woman was hospitalized in emergency, suffering from sepsis caused by an infection. During this report, the TF1 teams collected other testimonies from victims and former colleagues of the star of the scalpel, which would explain that the latter would have even been under the influence of cocaine at the time of operating. .

“Do you like to”

Faced with these accusations, Benjamin Azoulay spoke in “Sept à Huit” in order to defend himself. He flatly denied being responsible and denied operating Luna Skye in Dubai. Moreover, concerning the “failures”, he affirmed that it was indeed the risks of the operations. Upon discovering this report on the excesses and failures of cosmetic surgery, viewers were outraged. For Internet users, there is nothing better than to remain natural. For others, it’s total incomprehension… Why inflict such “after-effects” on yourself when there are already enough risks during an “indispensable” operation?

“So easy to take out cash to be beautiful”

Twittos have deplored the behavior of these young girls from reality TV. And some did not hesitate to point out that there were other solutions. To have plumper buttocks, there is no need to go through cosmetic surgery. There is sport, which certainly takes time, but does not involve any danger. Nevertheless, according to them, these women “want everything, immediately”.

The impact of social networks

For many Internet users, all these women addicted to cosmetic surgery “look alike”. A large number of Twitter followers point to social networks, which for them have become a real scourge. They call them “harmful tools”, which reflect a bad image of women.

“You know more or less what you’re risking”

Even if many Internet users condemn the behavior of Benjamin Azoulay, and are saddened by the suffering of these victims, for some, these young women also have their share of responsibility. Their “unconsciousness” notably caused Twitter users to hallucinate. No operation can be without risk.

Social networks make young people feel bad about themselves. The reflection of perfection is distorted because of all these filters and retouching. If only we stopped all this “body shaming” in order to advocate “body positive”, there would be less abuse and less excess.

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