With its XXL show "Central Tour", Indochine still impresses 40 years after its birth

With its XXL show “Central Tour”, Indochine still impresses 40 years after its birth

See always bigger, that’s the concept of an Indochina concert. Created in 1981, the French rock group carried by its singer Nicola Sirkis celebrates its 40th anniversary a year late – because of the pandemic – during a stadium tour which started this Saturday evening at the Stade de France in front of more of 97,000 people. A record for the enclosure since its inauguration in 1998.

After screens forming a ceiling of 1700 m2 during the “13 Tour” four years ago, it was necessary to do even more to invest the stadiums of five cities in France (Saint-Denis then Bordeaux on June 4, Marseille on June 11 , Lyon on June 25 and Lille on July 2 and 3). This time, it was a 45 m high central tower that overlooked the public. The structure supported a 2500 m2 360 degree screen, again a record for a concert. All above an 850 m2 stage from which Nicola Sirkis and his acolytes put on a memorable show for 2h45.

A 45m high central tower, supporting a 2500m2 360 degree screen, towered over the audience during the concert.
A 45m high central tower, supporting a 2500m2 360 degree screen, towered over the audience during the concert. LP/Jean-Baptiste Quentin

This “Central Tour” began at 8:50 p.m., with a video montage of news images from the past 40 years, starting with the election of Mitterrand, then mentioning in particular the death of Stéphane Sirkis, guitarist of the group and brother of Nicola, in 1989, or even the attacks of November 2015, the elections of Trump and Macron then the Covid-19 pandemic and ending with the Ukrainian flag. Indochine launched the festivities with their title “Nos Celebrations” released two years ago.

“We’ve come a long way! Thank you all! launched Nicola Sirkis who, from the start, made the public sing. After rains of confetti and streamers, it’s always the first hits that work best as “Canary Bay” in the fifth track. The giant screen is a real success, ensuring closeness with the public and perfectly conveying the emotion of the group. It was particularly palpable when the singer asked to make noise for the caregivers and then for the Ukrainians.

All eras of the group represented

A video by Laurent Delahousse presenting a fake TV newscast in 2033 between global warming, Covid-33 and announcing the end of television channels (“social networks and the Internet have taken over”) also had its small effect.

In terms of music, all eras of the group were represented. Faced with a full stadium, Indochine even managed to create an intimate atmosphere on “The Kiss”. As special guests, let’s mention Christine and The Queens on stage in a suit and tie for a duet on “3SEX” which has brought the hit “3e Sexe” up to date. “Thank you to all the audiences who come to the concerts! Thank you Indochina! launched the artist at the end of his performance.

“We’ve come a long way! Thank you all! launched Nicola Sirkis. LP/Jean-Baptiste Quentin

When singing “Dizzidence politik”, the first song in its history, the group welcomed back its former member Dimitri Bodianski as well as Lou Sirkis, Stéphane’s daughter. Transformed into a giant nightclub on “Three nights a week”, the Stade de France also experienced a real moment of contemplation with the arrival of musicians from the Republican Guard for “J’ai demande à la lune”, “La vie is beautiful” and “Atomic Sky”.

Testimonies from victims of school bullying then upset the crowd before “College Boy” which reached heights of emotion with the voice of countertenor Philippe Jaroussky on stage for the occasion.

In the pit and the stands, several generations mingle. Fans are thrilled and have extended the fun by sharing it on social media. As Alice came with her parents: “Heard just now, my father slipping to my mother: We didn’t expect to see them like that one day when we saw them in 1984! 38 years later they still love it. »

Amy and her boyfriend are also loyal: “8 years ago, we did our first concert together here at the Stade de France. So happy to be here again for this Central Tour”. All the “Indofans” as they are nicknamed, underline the grandiose side of this celebration. “How to resume a normal life after such a concert? wonders even Candice.

Unleashed, the public exploded on the essential “Aventurier” before enjoying the final bouquet of fireworks launched from the top of the tower on the last song “Karma Girls”. The challenge of this XXL concert was considerable, Indochine rose to it hands down. They still have over 300,000 people left to get drunk on their next dates.

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