Nour, gagnante de «The Voice»: «Que les votes soient pour Florent Pagny ou moi, je suis contente»

“Whether the votes are for Florent Pagny or me, I’m happy”

INTERVIEW – Saturday evening, the ultimate talent in the team of Florent Pagny, ill during the show, won, at only 16 years old, the eleventh season of the TF1 singing competition.

In “The Voice Kids”, my adventure stopped at the battles so this year, I want to surpass myself and go at least one step beyond“Nour told us at the start of the season. A goal more than accomplished for the one who ended up winning this eleventh edition of the TF1 telecrochet. Saturday evening, the youngest of the competition won 56.2% of the vote against Mister Mat. The singer of Florent Pagny’s team looks back on this victory.

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LE FIGARO. – How did you feel when you heard your first name?
Nour. – Many emotions but above all a very intense shock! I think you can see it in my face but I didn’t believe it at all. I even thought it was wrong. We really had all our chances.

What memories do you have of that evening?
It was a sick night! The duet with Slimane remains the best thing that can happen to me. I was really very happy, I admire him a lot. Just being able to share the stage with him and then chat behind the scenes, I haven’t realized yet!

You had some voice issues this week, how did you feel about the final?
I was very stressed but Florent Pagny was able to reassure me and above all ordered me not to sing! As luck would have it, on D-Day, a severe sore throat appeared and I had to take cortisone. Let’s just say that did the trick and I had a great time, but I didn’t enjoy myself as I would have liked for one last moment on the stage of “The Voice”.

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Were you able to have feedback from the other finalists or candidates of “The Voice”?
Yes! More generally, we all had great feedback. I also did it to the other finalists. In reality, we are a real family. I never felt the competition.

“I also have to think with my parents about what I’m going to do, especially for high school”


You started with “The Voice Kids” in 2019, what is your assessment of your journey?
Even though I’m only 16, it’s very strange to go from the little Nour in the kids to the “big” in the adult edition. In any case, each of the adventures was 100% experienced and I am very proud of it.

Do you have a memorable memory in this season 11 of “The Voice”?
It’s impossible for me to choose one, all of them are memorable!

What are your links with your coach Florent Pagny?
The adventure alongside Florent Pagny was incredible. He is always in a good mood, always present as he has been since the blind auditions. It makes me very happy to see that he is in great shape despite what he is going through at the moment (in January, the coach announced that he had lung cancernote).

What did he say to you after your victory?
That he was very proud of me. Despite my voice problems, Florent Pagny was happy with my performances. He had really nice words for me, it touched me a lot.

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Some Internet users have judged that your victory was linked to your coach, what do you have to tell them?
I don’t look at comments, I haven’t even been on social media since last night! People’s opinions don’t matter to me. In any case, whether the votes are for Florent Pagny or me, I’m happy to have won for both of us.

What are your plans for the future?
At first, I want to rest my voice and regain control (laughs). I also have to think quietly with my parents about what I’m going to do, especially for high school. Afterwards, I will see where the projects with Universal will take me. Everything that’s going on right now is crazy!

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