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Vanessa kidnaps Victoire! (DNA Episode 1194 Summary)

“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, in-depth summary and spoilers for DNA Thursday, May 26, 2022 Episode 1194. In your daily series, Vanessa wants to eliminate Victoire and kidnaps her! Raphaëlle tells Camille that Dorian is cheating on her ..


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The summary of Tomorrow belongs to us from Wednesday, May 25, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow belongs to us Summary of episode 1194 of Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Morenos move into the hotel

Victor Brunet comes to take possession of his house and is flabbergasted when he sees the state of his luxurious villa. Sylvain taunts him and explains to him that a housewarming party took place the day before. Victor is furious… Charlie and the Morenos then settle in at the hotel. Christelle wonders what her husband is going to do with his days and fears that he will go crazy walking around the room. And then, Christelle is worried about Charlie, who won’t be able to receive his friends or turn on the music. Sylvain thinks that the young woman – who has a bedroom all to herself and a whirlpool bath – should survive. But Christelle wonders if Charlie will not feel alone. Sylvain thinks that his wife is not worried about anything, especially since their situation is temporary. Charlie, she takes advantage of the advantages offered by this hotel. After having shared an intimate moment with François, she takes advantage of the romantic room service at the Moreno’s expense.

For his part, Victor makes his son believe that the Morenos wanted to move to have a bigger swimming pool and that they kindly offered to give him back his villa. Timothy is skeptical. He instead thinks his father did something dishonest to get their house back and fears he’s going back to jail. Victor promises him that won’t happen, but Timothy doesn’t believe him.


Raphaëlle tells Camille that Dorian is cheating on her

Dorian’s parents have invited Camille to come with them to Marseille next weekend. But Raphaëlle doesn’t think it’s a very good idea for her daughter to also accompany them so shortly before her French exams. Camille quickly understands that her mother wants to prevent her from seeing Dorian. Raphaëlle recognizes this. She then explains to her daughter that she is doing this to protect her. Raphaëlle has her reasons and refuses to discuss them with Camille. Stanislas intervenes to explain to Camille what her mother is trying to tell her. Camille cuts her off. She considers that this discussion does not concern him and asks Stanislas to interfere with whoever is watching him. Raphaëlle rebels and demands that her daughter apologize immediately. But Camille replies that she’ll be nice to her boyfriend when she’s nice to his. And she leaves the breakfast table.

Camille and Dorian meet at the Spoon. Dorian does not understand Raphaëlle’s sudden change in attitude towards him. Camille is determined not to let her mother ruin her life for her and decides to go to Marseilles with the Curtiss despite everything. Etienne, who has come to have a coffee at the Spoon, meets the two lovers. In the course of the conversation, Camille discovers that Raphaëlle has telephoned Etienne to warn him that his daughter will not be able to accompany them to Marseilles because she has to revise. Camille assures her that she is ahead of her revisions and that she can come with them without any problem. But Etienne does not want to go against Raphaëlle’s decision.

Meanwhile, Raphaëlle complains to her father about Camille’s behavior. Sébastien points out to his daughter that this happens right when Stanislas enters his life. Raphaëlle sees very well where her father is coming from. She assures him that Camille and he both get along very well, and that Stanislas is kind and very considerate with her. Raphaëlle confides to her father that it was he who even warned him that Dorian was cheating on Camille. Sébastien does not hide his astonishment. Raphaëlle confides to her father that she has not yet said anything to her daughter to avoid hurting her. Meanwhile, at Raphaëlle’s, Camille and Dorian study wisely in the living room. Stanislas asks to speak to the teenager one-on-one. He fears that things will get worse between her and her mother if Dorian is still there when Raphaëlle comes home. Dorian overheard their conversation and reassures Camille he will be gone before she arrives. But Stanislas hastens to send a message to Raphaëlle to warn her that Dorian is at home and asks her not to worry, because Camille told her that they were studying.

Raphaëlle comes home earlier than expected and asks Dorian to leave them because she has to talk to Camille. After the departure of her boyfriend, Camille reproaches her mother for having humiliated her by treating her like a kid in front of Dorian and accuses her of being a “dirty reaction”. Raphaëlle ends up telling her daughter that if she behaves like this, it’s because Dorian is cheating on her.

Vanessa kidnaps Victoire

At the hospital, Mona is at the bedside of Georges, injured the day before when he tried to take a knife from Vanessa’s hands. Victoire examines and cleans the wound in the abdomen of her ex-companion. It is shallow and the sutures are clean. Georges does not believe that Vanessa tried to stab him. Besides, it was she who called the emergency services.

Vanessa is still on the run and the police are on the alert. George feels guilty because he didn’t see that Vanessa was twisting before his eyes. Victoire assures him that he had nothing to do with it, and that Vanessa is sickly jealous.

Georges won’t be quiet until she’s arrested and can’t bring himself to stay with his arms folded in his bed. He wants to participate in research. Victoire agrees to let him out of the hospital.

Martin and Roxane inform prosecutor Perraud of the progress of their research. Vanessa’s car was found near the port and she remains untraceable. Her mobile phone is off, and the young woman has not made any purchases since the day before. The police believe that Vanessa is still in Sète because she has nowhere to go. Looking through her computer and cell phone, the police realized that the young woman had very little social life. His only regular contact was with his Spoon bosses and his companion, Lieutenant Caron. Vanessa’s life really boils down to her work and her relationship.

Meanwhile, Victoire accompanies Georges in front of the hospital entrance and asks him to take care of him. Georges wants to be reassuring, he is now placed under police protection. Georges tells Victoire that he feels like he’s living a nightmare. Victoire supports him, and reminds him that she is there if he ever needs anything. Georges confides in her that he doesn’t know what he would have done without her, and admits that he is lucky to have her in his life. Victoire takes him in her arms to comfort him. Both are unaware that Vanessa is watching them from afar.

After her day at work, Victoire is taking a bath while listening to music when Vanessa enters her bathroom. She is armed with a knife and orders Victoire to get dressed. This runs. His cell phone is placed on a stool under his sweatshirt. She grabs her sweatshirt and quickly puts her towel on her cell phone so Vanessa doesn’t see it. She takes advantage that the young woman has her back turned to call Samuel. Then, Victoire asks Vanessa to go to the police. But the young woman is convinced that Victoire is only waiting for one thing, to recover Georges and have him all to herself. Victoire assures him of the opposite and affirms that she is happy with Samuel. But the young woman does not believe her, because she saw her this morning hugging Georges. Meanwhile, Samuel picks up and hears the conversation between Victoire and Vanessa. He hangs up and immediately calls Aurore in the hope that she is at home, but she is in Montpellier. He then asks her to warn his colleagues that Vanessa is at his house.

Meanwhile, Vanessa plays with the blade of her knife on Victoire’s face, who assures her that Georges is crazy about her. But Vanessa is convinced that Victoire managed to make him still think of her and that’s why he refused to marry her and betrayed her. Vanessa presses the blade of her knife to Victoire’s throat, who tells her that she has done nothing. She swears to him that Georges has never been so happy since he met her. And she takes advantage of Vanessa being lost in thought to try to run away, but Vanessa catches up to her and knocks her out with a vase.

Samuel rushes home. He is followed a few seconds later by the police but they arrive too late. Victoire and Vanessa have disappeared.

Meanwhile, Victoire comes to herself. She is tied to a chair. Vanessa keeps her prisoner in her hiding place, where a wedding dress stands in particular. Victoire begs him to let her go. But Vanessa shows the young woman a tiger rose, the one she will put in the back of her throat when she is dead.

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