TPMP: Cyril Hanouna sees his daughter dredged up, it’s a shock, he violently reframes his suitor

Cyril Hanouna is a workaholic. Besides, this is one of the reasons why his wife left him. However, he always has time for his children. Moreover, his son celebrated his tenth birthday last weekend and he has planned everything so that his comrades are comfortable. But what marked this event was his eldest daughter Bianca. During this party, her father noticed that his daughter had been flirted with by a little boy. In this article, we will tell you what happened as well as the reaction of the presenter of TPMP.

Cyril likes to talk about his children in TPMP

We all know that the success of TPMP comes from Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, he worked hard to make the show attract more viewers. What makes a consequent turnover with the television channel. Since it’s the fruit of his hard work, he can afford to raise sensitive issues on the tray. We can even say that sometimes he lets go a little and this can affect certain columnists or even the guests.

In any case, many viewers admire his way of speaking frankly and his good humor on the set of TPMP. Without forgetting that Cyril likes to talk openly about the moments he shared with his children. Besides, he even mentioned that he is more of a friend to his children than being a father. This way they can speak openly with their father without having any fear. It works wonderfully according to him since they tell him everything.

Her daughter was flirted!

We had said above that the presenter of TPMP is always present for his children. Especially when it comes to celebrating her son Lino’s birthday. During this birthday day, Cyril organized a padel tournament with all his son’s classmates. Cyril assumed the role of referee since it is his favorite sport. Everyone had a great time until one of the party guests flirted with the daughter of the star.

Indeed, his daughter Bianca was present at the party and a classmate of Lino, a certain Paul, allowed himself to flirt with her. This caused jealousy towards the famous presenter of TPMP. The latter approached the little flirty and put him back in his place saying: “You don’t touch that one, otherwise I’ll take the racket, I’ll break it on your head. It’s going to be as simple as that, I cancel the tournament, I cancel the cup, I cancel everything! “.

The reaction of the presenter of TPMP

Know that Cyril did not want to frustrate the little boy since he said it with humor. The funniest thing is that his daughter whispered in his ear telling him that “Paul loves me”. On the other hand, Paul’s mom added a layer: “I think Paul was in love with Bianca when they were in the same school”. It was at this time that the TPMP presenter replied in a joking tone that: “I know, I know, that’s why Bianca changed schools. »

All this to say that Cyril is very close to his children and tell him everything that happens at school. Besides, he will always be there to watch over them like he did during this birthday party. However, the TPMP star is a very protective father, whether it’s his children or his show.

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