Le capitaine Romain (2e debout en partant de la droite) a apprécié la qualité des échanges avec l’acteur américain Tom Cruise.

Originally from the Channel, a pilot of the Patrouille de France met the American actor Tom Cruise

Captain Romain (2nd standing from the right) appreciated the quality of the discussions with the American actor Tom Cruise.
Captain Romain (2nd standing from the right) appreciated the quality of the discussions with the American actor Tom Cruise. (©Serge ARNAL/Paramount)

For the first time in its history, the Patrouille de Franceflagship of the Air and Space Force, flew over, Wednesday, May 18, 2022the climbing the steps of the Cannes festival. The eight Alpha Jet passed twice in the Croisette skyover 600 km/hwhen actor Tom Cruisewho came present his latest film Top Gun: Maverick in a European preview, walked the Red carpet.

An exceptional visit to Cannes

In close formation, the patrol released tricolor smoke bombs, under the amazed eye of the star and the cast of the film. A outstanding tribute to one who has inspired by generations of pilotsplaying the character of Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gunin 1986.

The day before, the American actor had gone to the Nice airport tarmac to meet the patrol pilots. Among them, Captain Romain, Manchois from The Haguewho did not expect to cross the childhood hero.

He returns to this exchangewho has lasted almost an hour :

“We all grew up with the movie Top Gun. This is without doubt one of the films I saw the most when I was a child. Top Gun has created, in France, as in the United States, an emulation around the profession of fighter pilot and has aroused many vocations. This film showed what fighter aviation was. It inspired me enormously, just like an air show. I bathed in the aeronautical environment. Indeed, my father drove in the private sector in Lessay. »

RomanPilot of the Patrouille de France

Tom Cruise is also a aeronautical enthusiast.

“He himself is a pilot. He owns a few machines, collector’s planes dating from the Second World War, including a P51 Mustang. During our meeting, we were able to ask him questions about his feelings of piloting aboard the F18 Hornet, a very powerful machine. »

RomanPilot of the Patrouille de France

“He asked us a lot of questions”

In the discussionTom Cruise returned in detail on the set of Top Gun: Maverick35 years after the release of the first film.

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“He told us about his flights with the US Navy. The pictures are all real. The film crew combined new technologies with fighter jets so that the viewer felt like they were in the cockpit. »

RomanPilot of the Patrouille de France

The star also took the time to discuss the shows of the Patrouille de France.

“He asked a lot of questions about how to ride eight, so close and in symbiosis, how the machine behaves. He did not fail to question us about our acrobatics, our figures at 4 or 1 against 1. “

RomanPilot of the Patrouille de France


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