Nathalie Marquay : sa révélation très surprenante sur cette nuit où elle est tombée enceinte de Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Nathalie Marquay knew for 10 years that he would leave at 72…

Jean-Pierre Pernaut left us on March 2, 2022. He died following repeated strokes, complications relating to his open heart surgery. He suffered from lung cancer but it was not this disease that got the better of the combativeness of the favorite journalist of the French. Following repeated strokes, Nathalie Marquay’s husband is placed in an artificial coma. He didn’t wake up from it, he was 71 years old.

Since the announcement of the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the whole of France is in mourning. But it is obviously his loved ones and family who mourn his absence the most. Also, it was an event awaited by the public to find Nathalie Marquay, for the first time on television, after more than two months of silence, this May 17th. She was on the set of TPMP, on C8, interviewed by his friend Cyril Hanouna. And during this interview, the mother of Lou and Tom Pernaut made revelations that could be paranormal. Objeko do not hide from you that the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut claims to have premonitions. As well as intuitions so strong that it could confuse more than one.

She explains everything in her book published on September 16, I believe it. However, it would seem that she received signs indicating that her husband would leave before his 72 years. She explains everything on the set of TPMP despite the majority skepticism on this kind of subject.

Nathalie Marquay receives signs from Jean-Pierre Pernaut, from beyond

Anyone who has ever had to grieve knows that it can be reassuring to imagine that the absent are not really. We can thus reassure ourselves by interpreting everyday elements differently. But for a handful of us, these signs are not just a matter of interpretation, they are real exchanges between the world of the living and that of the souls of the dead. In any case, this is what Nathalie Marquay believes and she says she has received several signs from Jean-Pierre Pernaut since he is no longer of this world.

On the set of TPMP, she admits knowing that some will make fun of her words. But she assumes, as always. And the readers ofObjeko will agree, no one can decently question the beliefs of others.

Obviously, Nathalie Marquay was surrounded by friends on the set of TPMP. She could therefore talk about all these elements in confidence and only have in front of her compassionate and understanding people. Better yet, they wanted to understand how she exchanged with Jean-Pierre Pernaut. If she was speaking out loud or just in her head, or if words weren’t really necessary. And they were not disappointed with her answers since she gave amazing examples. Examples of her discussions with her late husband. Like the day when she told him about their children’s school fees and when she found 500 euros in a book from the family library.

But before giving all these details on C8, Nathalie Marquay admitted something even more troubling. Indeed, she admitted that she had known for ten years that Jean-Pierre Pernaut would leave before his 72th birthday…

Journalist’s widow knew when he would leave and what would win

It may seem insane, Objeko grant it to you. But Nathalie Marquay deeply believes in this gift she possesses, this very strong intuition. And it must be admitted, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had blind faith in him in this area. He called her sometimes ” MA beloved witch “ by evoking his relationship to the beyond and his premonitions. Indeed, Tom and Lou’s mother had spoken to her best friend and her daughter’s boyfriend about it. She therefore had the feeling that Jean-Pierre Pernaut could not celebrate his 72 years. However, he died on March 2, 2022 and he would have been 72 on April 8, 2022.

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