Manchester City led by Villa, Liverpool one goal away from first... / Premier League / J38 /

Manchester City led by Villa, Liverpool one goal away from first… / Premier League / J38 /


Manchester City 0-1 Aston Villa

Goal: Cash (37and) for Villans

Liverpool 0-1 Wolverhampton

Goal: Neto (3and) for Wolves

41′: 90 points each but still a difference of 5 goals in favor of Manchester City. The championship of the century Ladies and Gentlemen!

39′: The exceptional atmosphere at Anfield! I have no words, what a first half with unexpected scenarios on both lawns!

37′: City are still ahead but if Liverpool were to score, Pep Guardiola’s men would fall behind…

36′: Yes, it’s real! Matty Cash gives the Villans the advantage! That’s crazy ! On a perfect cross from Lucas Digne, Cash planted a header which put Liverpool and Manchester City back on a par!


30′ : Liverpool pushes but opens enormously behind. Fortunately this pass from Neto is missed because Jimenez was very much alone.

27′: The goal and the pass on video… CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!

26′: 85% possession for Liverpool since the opener for Wolves. So deserved equalizer.

25′: After a monstrous pass from Thiago, Sadio Mané faces José Sá and wins his duel! The Senegalese puts his team back on the right track!


21′: A rather quiet start to the game for Aston Villa. Manchester City dominates, but Pep Guardiola’s men are not dangerous. Still 0-0.

20′: There is aaaaaaaaccccooord Newcastle goal. Alright, can we get down to business?

17′: Unbearable the directors who stop on goals in Norwich and Chelsea when we don’t care! We want to know what’s going on in Liverpool and Manchester ladies and gentlemen!

15′: The corner taken by Foden ends up in the niche of Emiliano Martínez!

14′: For the moment, Manchester City is therefore champion. When it was learned that Wolves had taken the lead at Anfield, all the Etihad supporters exploded with joy.

9′: The Reds find the hair of the beast and are close to equalizing! Luis Diaz misses his control without the penalty area and fails to win his duel with the Portuguese goalkeeper.

7′: Even after the game’s first goal, Liverpool fans gathered in the city’s famous bar “The Sandon” still sing the YNWA! Magnificent !

5′: Liverpool reacted through Matip! Higher than everyone in the air, the defender bursts into the area on a corner and points a helmet shot that flies out of goal.

4′: The wolves surprises Anfield. The Reds are led on their lawn after a bad alignment of Konaté. On a six meters, the defender misjudges the trajectory of the ball. Jimenez collects the cook and throws Neto into the box. 1-0! OH MY GOD !


2′: The whistles descend from the stands of the Etihad with each touch of the ball from Coutinho.


4:59 p.m.: Entry of the two teams on the lawn of Manchester. On the other side, the Reds enter under an exceptional YNWA!

4:56 p.m.: Your prediction ladies and gentlemen?

4:51 p.m.: For us it will be either Canal+ or RMC Sport. We’ll see who focuses their multiplex the most on the final fight.

4:48 p.m.: It is very very very hot in front of Anfield…

4:45 p.m.: It is also the last for Fernandinho with Manchester City…

4:40 p.m.: By the way, Origi will be in the stands for his last match at Liverpool!

4:33 p.m.: We’re taking the road to Manchester now to discover the compositions of the two teams!

4:30 p.m.: The compositions of this Liverpool-Wolverhampton!

4:25 p.m.: And to achieve such a feat, Jürgen Klopp’s men could count on familiar faces. A short read of a few minutes to raise the temperature!


4:21 p.m.: Hello everyone, English football fans, Liverpool admirers, Manchester City followers, and perhaps old-timers, and welcome to this final live of the Premier League’s 2021-2022 financial year!

4:20 p.m.: Are you ready to rumble? To my left Manchester City, big favorite for the title which has its destiny in its hands. In the event of a victory at home against Aston Villa, the Citizens will win the supreme crown. To my right Liverpool, who will have to do better than the blue and white team against Wolverhampton to hope to steal the precious crown from the gong. Two matches, two candidates for the title, two spectacular meetings and an amazing live to experience it!

by Matthew Darbas


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