Manchester City champion of England / Josep Guardiola: "We are legends"

Manchester City champion of England / Josep Guardiola: “We are legends”

They weren’t leading off. But really not. Having your destiny in your own hands and being down 0-2 at home at the start of the last quarter of an hour for the title match is the worst nightmare scenario. Manchester City wrote it, with the complicity of a valiant team from Aston Villa on Sunday at the Etihad. The English champion trophy was about to slip away from him. But the Mancunian club is well placed to know that it is necessary to hang on until the end to know the glory. And he engraved a memorable page in his legend by winning the 8th title of English champion in his history.

The famous 94th minute and this goal by Sergio Agüero who offered the title to City in 2012 will remain there forever. From now on, there will also be these six minutes of madness on May 22, 2022. Those which saw Ilkay Gündogan, author of a double, and Rodri tip a season in favor of the formation of Josep Guardiola. Led 0-2 in the 75th minute, she was able to regain the lead on the scoreboard in the 81st minute of play. And she never let go of this advantage. To the great displeasure of Liverpool, condemned to finish a small point behind the Mancunian champions.

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City, a stunning champion!


This scenario as only the Premier League can offer, no one will forget it. And certainly not the players. And the “happy ending” will never erase the suffering suffered so far. “It was not easythe excellent Bernardo Silva still remembered after the title celebrations. There was disbelief, and we still had to believe in a turnaround. I’m so happy, and the way it turned out makes it all the better. But we will try not to repeat that!

“Never seen in my life a team like Liverpool”

City was already feeling a new disappointment after its incredible elimination against Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League. It took all his talent to avoid that. All his courage, too. And the support of his public. “The last game is always special, there are a lot of emotions, acknowledged Mancunian coach Josep Guardiola. Aston Villa gave it their all and the first goal changed everything. We had to deal with it. Winning at home in front of your home crowd is the best. When we equalized, we felt we had a chance to score the third goal.”

He came and he owes nothing to chance. Already because City is a master in the art of scoring goals. The second of Gündogan, that of the title, was the 99th registered by the formation of Guardiola in the league this season. Also because City is the force of habit. A culture of winning built over the years that has allowed City to get out of this trap. “we are legendsenthused Guardiola. When you win the championship four times in the last five seasons in this country, it’s because these men are very, very special. We will be remembered.”

It is the work of the Catalan technician, crowned champion for the 10th time in his career after having already won three titles at Barça then at Bayern. But if there are now four in England, he also owes it to… Liverpool. “The size of your successes is directly related to the strength of your rival and I have never seen a team like Liverpool in my life.greeted Guardiola. Congratulations to them, they always make us better every week.” And no one would be against the idea that this is still the case next year.

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History leans clearly on the side of City


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