Juan Arbelaez, Laury Thilleman's scratch received, message that says a lot (photo)

Juan Arbelaez, Laury Thilleman’s scratch received, message that says a lot (photo)

Juan Arbelaez does not seem so tormented by the end of his story with Laury Thilleman after two and a half years of marriage, and seven years of relationship.
The top chef is taking it easy with some friends in Corsica. The supposed infidelity of his cashed wife

He was indeed spotted at Domaine Vaccelli, a wine estate located in Pila-Canale in the vineyards of Corsica, not far from Ajaccio.
The property produces great red Corsican wines.

The ex-husband of Laury Thilleman took advantage of his visit to the Island of beauty to take a few trips with friends. A certainty, he does not seem bored.

The ex-beauty queen, now a host, is having a good time at sea, perhaps in Brittany. She is preparing a shoot, the outlines of which she will reveal on her Instagram page.

In any case, it is with great emotion that Miss France 2011 announced this week that she had broken up with her husband, chef Juan Arbelaez, after seven years of love.

“In order to cut short all the rumors and nauseating articles, she wrote on her Instagram account, I wanted to share with you that after seven years of intense happiness and living together at a thousand miles an hour, Juan and I decide together to continue our ways separately. […] Thank you for the joy, love, laughter and every learning. “.
But according to the magazine Public, an infidelity would have broken their couple. She would have gotten too close to Jérémy Frérot.

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