[J38] The Girondins4Ever Tops-Flops after Brest-Bordeaux

[J38] The Girondins4Ever Tops-Flops after Brest-Bordeaux

After the notes, here are the Tops-Flops Girondins4Ever after the meeting between Stade Brestois and the Girondins de Bordeaux (2-4).


Danylo Ignatenko (8/10) : If some still had doubts, the Ukrainian midfielder completely dispelled them during this last Ligue 1 meeting against Brest. Precise in his passes, whether to trigger attacking play or even to bring the ball into the penalty area, Danylo Ignatenko was extremely clean and showed professionalism until the end. He was even decisive passer for the goal of Ricardo Mangas, while also being at the origin of Sékou Mara’s first goal following a heavy strike. He was therefore present offensively, but also defensively, being almost the hub of the team. A real good recruit and, even if we repeat ourselves, we clearly hope that he will be there to bring the club back up next year.

Sekou Mara (7/10) : There too, we would like to keep him next season and even if he confided at the end of this meeting that he will be there in Bordeaux, there will necessarily be offers… In short, what bullshit did we do to relegate him to a substitute position, favoring unworthy guys in his place in front, guys preferring the extra-sporty to the sporty. Sékou Mara was everywhere on the front line of the attack and above all showed a rather remarkable panoply for his age. He was rewarded twice, with two goals, against Brest. Two fox goals from the surfaces, also with superb technique on the first. The future, the identity, it is him.

We could also put Josuha Guilavogui, Anel Ahmedhodzicand Ricardo Mangas in the tops.

The Flop

Enock Kwateng (-10/10) : No. Not concerned. Having no professional basis. Catastrophic. Nonchalant. Trotting. Missed passes. Reverse races. Falls. Dance steps. Disgusting positions. One-leg returns. The former Nantes player has once again shown the full range of what absolutely must not be done at the professional level and in this sense, he must render a great service to all these young footballers who watched the match. The good news is that it’s almost over. The descent into Ligue 2 will give us the choice of offering him a €1 contract next season, which will mean that he will find himself free, we who have constantly wanted to part with him in recent years. But obviously, nobody wanted it… We are the biggest pigeons in French football. We thought we had known the worst with Maxime Poundjé (sorry Max, we’ve digested since then, don’t worry) but Enock Kwateng never stopped pushing the limits of nullity, with a little extra-sporty touch during of the last week, and this night out after Bordeaux-Lorient. A Poundjé maxim, right-handed, with less love for the jersey. Far from our club! Being “nice” is not everything, and even less for playing football. It takes courage, willpower, to fight, not to fall on a pretense of chick, and especially to return, to run, when one is made pass. It must be said that if he had run each time he had passed against Brest again, we could have spoken of a marathon in terms of the distance covered. Come on, as Marcelo would say, fair winds!

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