Football Bordeaux – Gérard Lopez swears not to send Bordeaux to N3

Football Bordeaux – Gérard Lopez swears not to send Bordeaux to N3

A few minutes after the official relegation of Bordeaux to Ligue 2, the president of the club with the scapular sent a message that he wants to reassure Girondin supporters.

It was obvious or almost, but it is now 100% official, despite their victory in Brest (2-4) the Girondins de Bordeaux finish in last place in Ligue 1 and will play in Ligue 2 next season. Or at least should play in L2, because to a disastrous sporting situation is added a very gloomy financial situation, to the point that some believe that the club could fall lower when it comes to meeting the requirements of the DNCG. The contract signed by the LFP with CVC will bring a big breath of fresh air to Bordeaux accounts, but will that be enough? Anyway, Gérard Lopez made it known, without delay, that he wanted to continue managing the Girondins de Bordeaux, thinking he could bring the club back to the top flight.

Bordeaux in Ligue 2, Gérard Lopez is sad

Via a press release, the Bordeaux boss wanted to reassure everyone. ” VSis a failure. Collective and personal. As President of the Girondins de Bordeaux, I fully assume my share of responsibility. Like all of you, I am very affected by this relegation which will force us to think about the future differently. On this very sad day, I have a huge thought for our supporters, Club employees, our partners and all Navy and White lovers. During this 2021-2022 season, we have not been up to it. It is a fact. Why ? How ? The reasons are many. As soon as I took office last July, I nevertheless insisted on the fact that this takeover of the Club was a rescue. Nevertheless, the mission turned out to be more complicated than expected with a heavy legacy to bear. In the coming weeks, the objective will now be to draw up a detailed assessment of each person’s responsibilities. Because in order to rebuild, it is crucial to analyze all the mistakes made, and above all to understand them. For next season, changes are already expected. Necessary changes, but which do not alter my ambition as a leader. Now, we will therefore have to assume, get up and build a project that should allow the Club to be ambitious with the objective of a rise in the elite next season. We know it will be very difficult, but all together, we must believe in a Girondin revival. Shareholder Jogo Bonito, as well as Fortress and King Street who have remained as creditors, will work hand in hand to enable this revival. Go Bordeaux! “Said the man who took over Bordeaux a year ago when we already feared the worst for the Girondins.

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