FC Nantes – ASSE: the notes of the Greens

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: the complete list of the Greens


He chose to stay in the middle of his cages on the penalty from Blas, who cheated on him by hitting … right in the middle! But without his duels won against Coulibaly (48th) and Kolo Muani (66th), ASSE would probably be in L2 today…


His return did a world of good. The Malian plays fair and he is intelligent in his placement, strong in his interventions, which contrasts with his teammates in defense. Two rescues (31st, 48th). He ended up taking a blow to the knee, which could be very penalizing in view of the play-offs against Auxerre…


Dupraz will therefore have maintained his confidence in him until the end. And in the heart of the three-way hinge, he made his match. But it was by switching to a four-man defense that the Greens managed to equalize…

NADE (4)

He conceded the penalty which allowed Blas to open the scoring. Not his best game…


Mason having been bad against Reims (1-2), Thioub was brought out of the closet. But his failing replacement and his mistakes led Dupraz to take him out at halftime. Replaced by HAMOUMA, who came to score the equalizer, at close range, on a Bouanga caviar. The savior of the Greens, it’s him!!!!


In the middle, the former captain of the Greens fought well. He never gave up, despite some technical problems. Equal to itself, therefore…


Youssouf delivered a good match in between. Very present in the heart of the fight, he recovered balloons and had little waste. Replaced by GOURNA, who got up to speed.


The Peruvian did not give his share to the dogs in his left lane. Blas’ goal came from his side but he multiplied the offensives, the crosses, he obtained corners. How could Dupraz have preferred Kolo and Silva for so long?


For his 12th tenure of the season, Aouchiche (who has only one victory, at Troyes (1-0)…) has done absolutely nothing good. Neither with the ball nor without, since he knows how to defend even less well than to attack, or rather to spin the ball… Replaced by CRIVELLI, who came to counter a strike from Trauco (69th), but who at least had the deserves to stretch the team in the right direction.


The other hero of the evening is Bouanga. In all the (rare) good shots, the Gabonese missed the target after a nice slalom (16th) and stumbled on Lafont (46th). His assist for Hamouma took ASSE to the play-offs. Replaced by MOUKOUDI, at the end.


Absent subscribers, uninspired, Khazri was no longer on the field when Hamouma scored. Replaced by NORDIN.

to summarize

ASSE snatched a draw in Nantes (1-1) synonymous with 18th place, thanks to the equalizer of Romain Hamouma, new hero of a whole people. Special mentions to Denis Bouanga, decisive ferryman, and to Bernardoni and Sacko, who kept the ship afloat…

Laurent Hess

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