Diane Leyre reveals the details of her breakup with her ex!  chilling.

Diane Leyre reveals the details of her breakup with her ex! chilling.

When Diane Leyre thinks of her ex, she collapses with a crash. For the first time, the most beautiful woman in France tells all the details to our colleagues from Ton Mag.

The one who was elected Miss France never forgets a loved one! Diane Leyre tells us about this emotional trauma that still haunts her.

Diane Leyre ex

Diane Leyre’s great injury finally revealed!

In her portrait, the one who recently took the crown and the scarf from Amandine Petit confessed to having studied abroad. For sure, she will remember her studies in this business school in Madrid for a long time.

Diane Leyre is currently one of the best in Europe. Ah, if the walls of the Instituto de Empresa could talk, they would say a lot about her.

In order not to provoke too much curiosity on the part of her fans, she will agree to detail her relationship with a student of this establishment.

Dear friend and fan of People Act Magazine, you will see that behind her beauty and her humor, her soul is still totally destroyed.

What happened there that made her unable to believe in the commitment?

Does Miss France’s curse of finding or keeping Prince Charming have something to do with it? Without wasting a second, we take stock! Fasten your seatbelt, we are entering a zone of turbulence with Diane Leyre.

Diane Leyre! Everything had started so well!

At the material time, Cupid had settled in Spain. Tired of seeing her unhappy, he puts this handsome young man on his way. Of course, the language barrier could have been an obstacle. However, since they were born around the same time, that should work in their favor. Besides, there is a detail that Diane Leyre intends to stick to for her romance to work. He was Lebanese with a different culture, which interested me.

Indeed, miles from home and her family, she also needs a pillar who is going through the same thing. She will be able to cling to them and vice versa. In the columns of Your Mag, she summarizes as follows. We were abroad, I lacked bearings, he was reassuring. To acclimatize to Spain, the couple decided to adopt a four-legged friend.

Tears in her eyes, she remembers it like it was yesterday. We had a dog named Ohana, which means family. You guessed it, the animal somewhat replaced parents or siblings.

Miss France reacts in such a way that she pushes the confidences to their climax. She pulls herself together and doesn’t seem to regret anything. I was very in love with him, very happy with him, I spent two wonderful years.

Diane Leyre’s shocking balance sheet

Little by little, English dominates conversations and especially declarations of love. Why is she no longer with him? In reality, Diane Leyre is not sure. There were no big fights, no clouds on the horizon. The routine simply got the better of what they had built. Poet at heart, she accepts her share of responsibility.

Love has run out of steam. I left. What did they do with Ohana? Not having the character to flesh it out, she does not want to add oil to the fire. Therefore, she does not deprive him of the animal. In retrospect, she deeply regrets it. Not a minute goes by without the current Miss France regretting having left her dog. I had not decided to leave her!

When you have a passion, you tend to completely disappear in favor of this relationship. We put aside our friends, we forget our past and we only breathe for the other. In the long run, it always comes back to us. The mature Diane Leyre knows today that she could have foundered if she had continued like this. Moreover, given the responsibility that arises from her status as Miss France, she would not have had time to be at the mill.

And now ?

Diane Leyre

Now independent and so proud of it, Diane Leyre wanted to send this message to those who voted for her. Let Cupid engrave the information in stone! The future man he puts in his sights will have to accept this facet of his personality. Still traumatized by the death of a friend, she makes this promise to herself. Never again will she be under the influence of her feelings! See you in the next issue and see you soon for new adventures!

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