Ashley Graham reveals she almost died when her twins were born

Ashley Graham reveals she almost died when her twins were born

Ashley Graham, guest of the CBS This Morning news program (New York, May 25, 2021.) Getty Images

The 34-year-old model recounted the nightmarish night of her delivery in an open letter published on the site Glamor UsFriday, May 20.

“The night I gave birth to the twins, I had a hemorrhage,” she explained straight away. In a column published on the American version of Glamour , Friday, May 20, Ashley Graham returned to the chaotic turn of the birth of her sons, Roman and Malachi, on January 7. The 34-year-old model had decided to give birth at home and was accompanied by her husband, Justin Ervin, and a team of midwives. If things were going for the best at first, Ashley Graham, who was immersed in the water of a bathtub, confided to having quickly fainted at the sight of the blood which flowed profusely.

“I looked around the room, I saw blood literally everywhere, so I let out this deep, visceral scream – an emotional release from the chaos I had just experienced,” recalled the supermodel, who had just given birth to two boys. She then explained that she asked to lie down on the bed and then lost consciousness. “Thank God the twins were fine.” A traumatic incident that earned her to stay at home for almost two months and not be able to move for almost a week. “I didn’t feel like myself physically or emotionally,” she added.


An episode that adds to the model’s miscarriage, which occurred in February 2021. “It is one of the biggest losses I have ever suffered in my life. I understood then what so many other mothers have gone through. And yet, the world expects us to move on and handle our grief with grace,” she said. Thus, Ashley Graham confided in her relationship to the modeling industry since she was a mother. “Like so many women, what I went through with childbirth reshaped my relationship with my body,” she wrote.

And to add, speaking of the pressure of the modeling industry after maternity leave, to expect their model to find their perfect body: “I have always fought against unfair and unrealistic standards and yet, if I’m being completely honest, I was there expecting to go back. And fast,” she explained. And to conclude: “I have never been the standard lingerie model. But I tell myself that I am a warrior for having carried and given birth to my babies, for having survived the hemorrhage, for being the mother of my three boys, and yet I am still fighting against the transformation of my body… »


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