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annoyed by Léa Salamé’s questions, she reframes the journalist

Virginie Efira is sumptuous in her role as mistress of ceremonies for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. Before her speech, the pretty blonde gave an interview on France Inter against Léa Salamé. The least we can say is that she didn’t appreciate his questions, answered him cash and would certainly have preferred to be somewhere else… Or is that hiding her stress? We tell you what happened between the two women with strong characters.

Virginie Efira: she throws spades at Léa Salamé during an interview on France Inter

One thing is certain, Virginie Efira will be in the spotlight and it will be difficult not to come across her on the Croisette. Indeed, first of all, the Belgian actress is mistress of ceremonies for the 75ᵉ edition of the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, she is also headlining two new feature films that are part of the selection, namely: See Paris again and Don Juan. Thus, she will have to use all her strength to cope with the suspense, the emotion and hold her important role to the end. For information, the closing party is not scheduled for immediately, but for May 28th. Thus, a fortnight which promises to be busy for the pretty blonde, very happy to be in the Riviera region.

Virginie Efira is anxious for her speech?

Virginie Efira is used to the scene, so to this kind of pressure. Indeed, as a reminder, she hosted the program of The New Star for years and this is not the only one. Yet despite her experience and talent, she is still stressed about her speech. Finally, it is quite a challenge for the actress. Virginie Efira confided in Léa Salamé on Tuesday, May 17: “ I risk collapsing gradually, but I hope to get up before going on stage., she explained with a smile, as always.

A complicated interview between the two women

But, the beginning of his exchange with Léa Salamé on France Inter was not always in the right mood and was even tense. Virginie Efira seemed upset by the journalist’s questions. Indeed, we know that the latter can be picky and touch where it hurts. For example, when Laurent Ruquier’s colleague asked him to describe the Cannes Film Festival in three adjectives, Virginie Efira didn’t seem to like it. The pretty Belgian responds cash: “ Oh la la, the question of the three adjectives“. She did not hesitate to show her annoyance for this meaningless question. However, she still played the game and replied derisively to relax: ” Joy, sharing and small canapes. “The way to put a little humor in the interview, which suggests that Léa Salamé is on the contrary not very fun…

But, it does not stop at this one and only question. The atmosphere became even more disturbing when the journalist from France Inter asked Virginie Efira about her “state of mind a few hours before the ceremony”. Once again, the darling of Niels Schneider did not seem to appreciate this question. She preferred to return the question to him: I wonder how you were, you, before presenting the presidential debate ”. Did Léa Salamé’s question put even more pressure on her? In any case, we can say that Virginie Efira got off to a flying start during this interview. The journalist preferred not to respond to the spade of the ceremonial queen… Maybe Virginie Efira was just in a bad mood? We wish him good luck for the next fortnight!

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